3AM (2012) Movie Review


3AM Final posterI don’t know if I should take pity on this film or feel utterly disturbed by the idea that I actually spent my afternoon trying my best to finish it. What can I say about this? Hmm.. painfully disappointed. After 4bia’s and 5prang’s success amongst local and international audiences, I felt that the premise of 3 AM was going to follow the same success line but mother of all that should have scared the living pants off of me, it was not.

3 AM was Thailand’s last portmanteau film for the year 2012 and comprises of three “bone-chilling” stories that are all connected to the witching hour, 3 AM: The Wig, The Corpse Bride and O.T.

The Wig is the story of two sisters who were temporarily running the wig-making shop of their parents. They obviously didn’t get along and bickered every minute until one night, the eldest sister bought a full bag of hair of a dead person.
We’ve seen how all anthology films should go: start it off with the scariest tale that should make a grown man cry to sleep at night. Point one, not fulfilled. Second, the segment should be detailed yet concise, confusing yet it makes perfect sense. Point two, also not fulfilled. Lastly, the choice between a back story or a twist. Neither was acknowledged ergo no points were taken. We’ve seen how most plots showed potential but honestly, from the beginning itself, I was not impressed nor moved by the scares. The first segment was predictable, the storyline was a drag, and the characters were 2D (despite the film being released in 3D) and the ghost? Please. I’ve said enough.

The second part of the film, The Corpse Bride, follows a caretaker named Tos who was assigned to take care of the corpses of a couple who were killed in an “accident” before their wedding. A very Shakespearean approach. But is it? After a night in at the couple’s home, Tos begins to fall in love for.. the.. dead.. bride. Gross. Now, you’d think the plot would make it “bone-chilling”? Nope, I’m afraid it did not. Instead of sending the creep chills up the spine, I feel grossed out by the director’s use of necrophilia in the most dissatisfying manner. I can admit that the story’s nature was haunting in a good sense and I wasn’t feeling at ease as the scene progressed but I found myself feeling upset again towards the ending. The twist was acceptable and the build up of the climax was impressive but man, the ending. Again, I’ve said enough.

The last piece would’ve been the only film that got my attention but sadly, it wasn’t that strong to save the entirety of 3AM itself. But separate it from the first two, you’d choose Issara Nadee’s piece.

O.T. is about a company and its lazy employees that slack off during the day and take advantage of overtime at night to claim the compensated pay. The owners, Karan and Tee are notorious for playing pranks on the staff who the former and one night, strange things start to happen as the pranks go terribly wrong.
Personally, I think this film should be commended for it’s use of the “which is real and which isn’t” theme. It was executed surprisingly well, delivering proper scares and a good twist towards the end for that pinch of a message. I personally admired the creativity and effort of the two bosses and the gullible factor of the employees they were pulling a  prank on. The segment was like an urban legend in the making and it’s most probable that it will evolve to that phase some time in the future. But like I said, Nadee’s piece definitely tried its best to get 3 AM on its feet which means… skip the first two segments and jump right to the end. Haha! Cheers! 😉

2.5 / 5 stars     


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