Night of the Living Dead 2014 Trailer Lands
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If I told you that another remake of Night of the Living Dead was coming what would your reaction be? Would you groan? Or would you go watch the trailer for it immediately ( its below )? Director and writer, Chad Zuver brings a new look on the story that was made famous by George

SDCC Mad Max Fury Road Trailer
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I have been waiting for the new trailer for the remake of MAD MAX to finally land and thanks to Warner Brothers we have your first look. Mad Max Fury Road is a reboot of the 1979 film which saw Mel Gibson play an Aussie cop who is out for vengeance after his family is

Full Cast Announced for American Horror Story: Freak Show
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During the American Horror Story panel this past Saturday, at this years San Diego Comic-Con, came word as to who would be starring in American Horror Story: Freak Show, and thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have the lowdown below. Kathy Bates and Evan Peters will be playing Ethel and Jimmy Darling. Joining them will be

House of the Witch Doctor (Review)
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We recently learned that Devon Mikolas’ latest flick, House of the Witch Doctor, will be hitting DVD and VOD this September 16th via Breaking Glass Pictures, and with that date looming I had the opportunity to check out the film, and I have to say I was quite surprised by this one. At the start of

Nyphm Hits DVD This September
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On the off-chance that you guys are after a killer mermaid flick, we of course have your back as Milan Todorovic’s Nymph is making its way to DVD and VOD this September 9th via Epic Pictures Group. The film stars Franco Nero, Natalie Burn, and Kristina Klebe. Synopsis: The story tells the tale of two young women

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Restored Theatrical Release Review
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The good folks at MPI Media and Dark Sky films continue to work hard to preserve what is arguably one of the most important horror films of the last half century – the original “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. Apparently the original 16mm print was wasting away in a brown paper bag somewhere in the

Comic-Con: Scream Factory Announces 10 Upcoming Blu-ray Titles
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Wow, just simply wow. The guys over at Scream Factory have totally outdone themselves with one enormous announcement. During their panel at this years Comic-Con, Scream Factory announced 10 upcoming Blu-ray releases for the end of this year and rolling into next year, and there are some true gems to be had. The upcoming Blu-ray

We Talked Hemlock Grove With Famke Janssen
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Netflix just reached 50 million subscribers and a huge part of their continuing success is the availability of original content which you cannot find anywhere else. As everyone from Yahoo to HBO scramble to keep up, Netflix is leading the way by providing viewers with the content they want in the way they want to

17 Most Influential Horror Movies Of All Time
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In honor of Horror-Movies.ca’s forthcoming Most Influential Horror Movies timeline we have asked our team of volunteer bloggers to put together a list of what they feel are the most influential horror films of all time. With each film on the list we have a reason and most importantly which team member selected the movie. In

Comic-Con: Sam Raimi to Develop The Evil Dead into a TV Series!
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To be fair, I’m actually surprised that hasn’t happened sooner, considering the current trend and popularity of TV shows these past few years. But, it appears as if the time is now, according to the folks over at Bloody-Disgusting, Sam Raimi is currently developing a television series based upon The Evil Dead franchise. According to

A New Official Poster Rises from ‘Beneath’
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What with Ben Katai’s latest flick Beneath, playing in limited theatres as of yesterday, a new official poster has rising from all the Comic-Con news and we have it here for you below. Synopsis: A crew of coal miners becomes trapped 600 feet below ground after a disastrous collapse. As the air grows more toxic and time

Walking Dead Debuts Trailer for Season 5
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Comic-Con is roaring on and today “The Walking Dead” landed on Hall H and decimated it.  The line to get in to the infamous hall was insane as people had been camping out since last night to get into to today’s panel.  It also didn’t help that “Game of Thrones” was holding a panel immediately afterwards.  It was

Jade Olsen’s Horror Short ‘Daisy’ Makes Its Premiere This August
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Can you guys believe it has been well over a year since we last reported on Jade Olsen’s highly intriguing horror short Daisy? Doesn’t time just fly?! Well. during that time, Jade Olsen has been extremely busy as the short is finally completed and we have word that Daisy will soon be making its premiere

New Official Trailer for Leprechaun: Origins
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For those of you who are looking forward to Leprechaun: Origins, will be very pleased to learn that we have scored the brand new trailer for the film and you can check it out below with some brand new footage, including the Leprechaun itself. The film stars Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl, Stephanie Bennett, Teach Grant, Bruce Blain,

First Official Trailer for See No Evil 2
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As you guys know, the San Diego Comic-Con is well and truly underway and all sorts of goodness is making its way out of the festival. Next up for you guys, the first official trailer for Jen & Sylvia Soska’s See No Evil 2, and yes, this sucker looks sweet, just a shame it’s not

Comic-Con: Goosebumps Revealed an Early Trailer
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During Sony’s panel at Comic-Con we got to see a special little treat.  We knew going in that we would be getting a small look at their upcoming big screen adaptation of “Goosebumps”, but what we actually got was a pre-vis trailer. What that means is that we saw a trailer that was filled with

Comic-Con Day 1 in Photos
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I just got back in from my first day at San Diego Comic-Con and I have a few things to share with you.  In this post I’ll be sharing a few photos of some of the things I saw while wandering around Comic-Con.  I’ll also be attaching a few thoughts or comments to explain the

New Official Clip from Septic Man
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From Jesse Thomas Cook comes his latest flick, Septic Man, and it looks awesome! But don’t just take my word for it, head on down below and go check out the brand new clip courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting, and let us know what you think? Synopsis: A sewage worker gets trapped inside a septic tank during a

New Official ‘Horns’ Poster Inside
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This is becoming almost a weekly tradition with Alexandre Aja’a latest flick Horns, as we have scored yet another poster for you guys to check out below. And well, this one looks as if it’s playing more to the romance side of things, Go check it out below and let us know your thoughts. The film

Official Comic-Con Poster for Ant Man
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Are you guys stoked for Ant Man? Well, as you know, the film has had its fair share of ups and downs as Edgar Wright who was originally attached to direct the project, dropped out of the production. But, just like that, a new director was found in the form of Peyton Reed (The Break-Up, Bring It