Official Trailer for ‘The Blackout Experiments’
Written by Chris Savage, May 23, 2016
Back in January of this year we ushered in the official teaser poster and even a clip for Rich Fox’s upcoming documentary The Blackout Experiments, since then we’ve been waiting with bated breath for more on this sucker, and today we have scored the official trailer. Let’s just say that this looks absolutely intense, this

Watch the First Episode of ‘Outcast’ Online for Free on Youtube
Written by Jason McDonald, May 23, 2016
Are you excited for Robert Kirkman’s new show?  Do you crave new content from the creator of “The Walking Dead?”  Well, I have good news for you. Cinemax has decided to release the first episode of Robert Kirkman’s new show “Outlast” on YouTube for free ahead of it’s scheduled release date.   It was announced

A&E Cancels ‘Damien’ After One Season
Written by Jason McDonald, May 23, 2016
Well . . .  I hope you weren’t too invested in the story of Damien after the events of “The Omen”, cause I have some rather depressing news for you.  It looks like the series based on the classic film won’t be getting a new season. Deadline reported this weekend that “Damien” was not being

Thom Burgess Unleashes Hell in ‘Ghoster’
Written by Chris Savage, May 21, 2016
From Thom Burgess comes his labor of love Ghoster, it’s a project that he has been developing for many years and it looks as if the pieces of the puzzle are coming together as he has teamed up with the film maker Toby Meakins, and we have some new updates for you guys in regards to

Horror Veterans Enter the ‘Shed of the Dead’
Written by Chris Savage, May 21, 2016
We’ve got a new zombie comedy flick for you guys which hails from my side of the pond in the UK, and it’s entitled Shed of the Dead. The film sounds intriguing enough, and thanks to our friends over at Dread Central, we have the first details for you to check out below. The film

Evil Lives Within This New ‘Havenhurst’ Poster
Written by Chris Savage, May 20, 2016
It’s been a fair while since we’ve had an update for you in regards to Andrew C. Erin’s Havenhurst, but evil has risen and has found its way onto the new official poster for the film, and we have every pixel for you to check out below. The film stars Julie Benz, Fionnula Flanagan, Belle Shouse, Josh Stamberg, Dendrie

First Official Trailer for ‘ClownTown’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, May 20, 2016
In December of last year we unleashed your first look at Tom Nagel’s ClownTown via a teaser trailer and a slew of photos, but since then it has been a little quiet, thankfully that all changes today as we are extremely pleased to share with you the full official trailer and poster, and it looks awesome!

New Official Trailer for ‘The Purge: Election Year’
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2016
Are you guys ready to purge once again this year? If so, you’re gonna need a little taste of what’s to come, so, head on down below as we have the new official trailer from the latest installment in the franchise, and it looks more outrageous than ever. The film is directed by James DeMonaco and

Exclusive: First Official Clip from ‘Don’t Look in the Basement 2’
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2016
Earlier this month we ushered in the first official trailer and details for Anthony Brownrigg’s Don’t Look in the Basement 2, which is a continuation of his late father’s previous film Don’t Look in the Basement. Once we witnessed the trailer we were hooked, and since then we’ve been waiting ever patiently for more. So today LeglessCorpse Films

Arrow Video Unleashes a ‘Blood Bath’ Onto Blu-ray & DVD
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2016
I would ideally like to say I’ve seen this be able and give you guys an introduction, but sadly I haven’t seen any of the many versions of Roger Corman’s Blood Bath, but thankfully Arrow Video are on hand to deliver all four variations in one beautiful collection and we have all the details you

Interview: Eric Blue Talks ‘Beacon Point’
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2016
We’ve been keeping a close eye on Eric Blue’s latest flick Beacon Point for quite sometime, and with the film set to have its world premiere this June 10, 2016 at Dances with Films Festival at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, we jumped at the chance for some questions with Eric Blue. [Horror-Movies.ca] – Where are

Official Trailer & More for ‘Me and My Mates vs. the Zombie Apocalypse’
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2016
Have you been following Declan Shrubb’s Australian horror comedy Me and My Mates vs. the Zombie Apocalypse? If you have, you’ll be pleased to know that not only has the film scored distribution in the US and Canada, but we can reveal that the film will be released on DVD and VOD this July 5, 2016

[Trailer] ‘The Night Watchmen’ Take on Undead Office Workers and Clowns
Written by Jason McDonald, May 19, 2016
When you’re working late in your office building and something goes bump goes bump in the night, who do you call?  The night watchmen! Deadline premiered the first trailer for “The Night Watchmen” today and it looks like a fun bloody horror comedy with a dash of nudity.  The film is  directed by Mitchell Altieri

Universal Studios Hollywood Announces the Opening Day for their ‘Walking Dead’ Attraction
Written by Jason McDonald, May 19, 2016
A couple of months ago Universal announced that they were bringing “The Walking Dead” to Universal Studios Hollywood in the form of a year-round attraction.  Now they’ve announced when we can experience that attraction and released a behind-the-scene video that delves into the development of it. If you’re a frequent visitor to Universal Studios  Hollywood

Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder & Tristan Risk Play a ‘Wild Game’
Written by Chris Savage, May 18, 2016
So, here we have Tristan Risk, Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder playing a Wild Game, what game might that be? My guess is Hungry Hippos, that game gets freakin’ wild! But, I think this trio is looking for something with a little more bite, probably one which involves bodily mutilation, again, I’m sure Hungry Hippos

First Details for the Twisted Fantasy Flick ‘Popsicle’
Written by Chris Savage, May 18, 2016
More often than not you read a title and it really doesn’t do much for you, well, that is until you start to dig a little deeper and soon you find yourself seriously pumped for a movie that you initially had no desire for. That’s exactly the case with the Elijah Wood-produced flick Popsicle, from director Lucas

Misread [Short Film Review]
Written by Chris Savage, May 17, 2016
We here absolutely love short films, and we see it as an excellent learning experience for filmmakers and also a foot in the door for that feature film. Sometimes they pay off and sometimes you may just never hit it off, but there are a few that showcase a wide range of abilities and when you see

First Poster & Details for Dena Hysell’s ‘Ascent to Hell’
Written by Chris Savage, May 17, 2016
We have just received word that Dena Hysell’s latest flick Ascent to Hell has been acquired by APL Film, and we have the early details for you below including some poster artwork. What makes us intrigued about this is that it’s said to be a “classic ghost story,” so we’re pretty stoked for this. At this time

A New Season of ‘The X-Files’ is in the Works at Fox
Written by Jason McDonald, May 17, 2016
The return of “The X-Files” earlier this year was a bit of a roller coaster.  A couple of the episodes were pretty great, but unfortunately, the majority of them left me feeling like maybe the series should have stayed dead.  However, despite all of that, the return of the iconic ’90s series was a hit

[Trailer] First Look at Dee Wallace’s ‘Red Christmas’
Written by Chris Savage, May 17, 2016
It’s never too early for some festive fear as Craig Anderson’s directorial debut Red Christmas is set to hit the film festival circuit this June, and we have the official teaser trailer, details and a few photos from the upcoming yuletide shocker. Check out the goods below and let us know if you’ll be keeping an