Horror Writers Wanted!
Written by TheM, August 4, 2014
Do you love horror? Do you want to write about the horror genre? Well, we have the gig for you! We are specifically looking for a day-to-day news contributor to join our daily horror movie news team. If you are up on the latest horror news and have it dripping into your blood stream from an

Horror at this Years Dances With Films Festival
Written by Jason McDonald, May 28, 2015
After 18 years of operation the Dances with Films Festival is finally old enough to play the lottery.  And old enough to be drafted! It’s truly a magical time in a young film festival’s life. This years Dances With Films features a wide swath of film genres that’ll surely satisfy all kinds of movie enthusiasts.  But

Peter Stormare Joins PS4 Game ‘Until Dawn’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 27, 2015
After years of quiet development it seems like “Until Dawn” is ready to step out into the world and be heard.  Developer Supermassive Games came out today and made some big announcements regarding the upcoming horror video game. The first of which is that the game now has a release date.  According to the developer

Predator Goes Medieval in New Fan Film ‘Predator: Dark Ages’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 27, 2015
After a small, but successful, Kickstarter campaign last year director and writer James Bushe was able to put together his intricate fan film dedicated to the “Predator” series. “Predator: Dark Ages” sees the classic Predator alien take on a group of knights during the crusades.  If Arnold Schwarzenegger utilizing modern weaponry had difficulty fighting the

Tilda Swinton In Talks for Doctor Strange
Written by Jason McDonald, May 27, 2015
I know, this is comicbook superhero news, but it’s possible the upcoming “Doctor Strange” movie could have some underlying horror to it given the people involved and the type of stuff the good Doctor tends to dabble in.  So, for now, it’s worth mentioning. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that actress Tilda Swinton (“Snowpiercer”) is

[Trailer] First Look at The House with 100 Eyes
Written by Chris Savage, May 27, 2015
When a film is said to be a cross between Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer and This is Spinal Tap, you can’t just walk by, you’ve gotta check that sucker out, and judging by the trailer, which we have for you below along with a slew of photos, it appears as if it may have potential. The

Resident Evil 0 is Going to be Remastered for New Consoles
Written by Jason McDonald, May 26, 2015
After the remastered version of the Gamecube “Resident Evil” game proved to be a success for Capcom it seemed like a certainty that other remasters would follow.  I would’ve put my money on “Resident Evil 2″, but it looks like Capcom is going to be moving backwards. Revealed at an event in Japan yesterday, Capcom

New Trailer for Joe Dante’s ‘Burying the Ex’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 26, 2015
Director Joe Dante’s crowdfunded feature film “Burying the Ex” is drawing closer to its release date in June and as a result they’ve released a new trailer to show it off. “Burying the Ex” stars Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek”) as a guy having a hard time breaking up with his girlfriend.  However, when she dies

Official Teaser Trailer for the Creature Feature ‘One Drop’
Written by Chris Savage, May 26, 2015
Okay Canada, what the heck is in your water? You guys are obviously freakin’ awesome as the talent pool is off the hook! Why am I asking? Well, Canada’s very own Tricia Lee, has just finished production on her latest film One Drop, and so far it looks fantastic, beautifully polished and just waiting for

Official Teaser Poster for The House on the Frontier
Written by Chris Savage, May 26, 2015
Bare with us with this one. At this time details are extremely scarce, but we just had to share with you the official teaser poster for Xavier Rull’s The House on the Frontier, a film that is written by Sergio Román, simply because this sucker has us intrigued. Just read the tagline; “There’s a house where

First Look at Splatterpunk The Movie
Written by Chris Savage, May 26, 2015
As you guys know. We absolutely love anthology films around these parts and it just so happens that we have scored some details in regards to Erick Wofford’s (The Music of Erich Zann) Splatterpunk, a film which centers around a tale from the one and only David Schow (The Crow, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III). In

LeglessCorpse Films Injects Fear into Deimosimine
Written by Chris Savage, May 26, 2015
We have just received word that LeglessCorpse Films have teamed up with Chad Armstrong to create an old-school practical effect film in the form of Deimosimine, and you guys can score yourselves a copy for just $2! Yep. $2 gets you a digital rental of the film if you help them out over at indiegogo. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Max Greenfield Joins American Horror Story: Hotel
Written by Jason McDonald, May 25, 2015
Ryan Murphy is still assembling his cast of characters for the latest season of “American Horror Story” and his newest addition brings a guy known for his comedy into a dire situation. Murphy announced on his Twitter account that actor Max Greenfield (“New Girl”) would be a resident of “American Horror Story: Hotel.”  However, his Tweet

Official NSFW Trailer for Bunny the Killer Thing
Written by Chris Savage, May 25, 2015
Seriously, guys. Brace yourselves for what you’re about to see, if you’re offended by nudity, killer genitals and copious amounts of gore, you may want to skip this one. You have been warned. If not, let me introduce you to Joonas Makkonen’s Finnish horror flick Bunny the Killer Thing, and we have scored the official NSFW trailer for you guys

Director Cary Fukunaga Leaves ‘It’ Remake
Written by Jason McDonald, May 25, 2015
While the rest of us might have been relaxing and enjoying the Memorial Day weekend, it looks like two parties at New Line were locked in some sort of heated debate over the upcoming “It” remake. According to the Wrap director Cary Fukunaga, who was slated to direct “It”, reached an impasse with New Line

Mario Meets Mad Max in Mario Kart Fury Road
Written by Jason McDonald, May 25, 2015
Have you seen “Mad Max: Fury Road” yet? Cause it’s pretty awesome, you should probably check it out.  If I had seen it the week it came out, I probably would’ve written a review for it with a final score of 5/5. Alright, now that I have that out of my system, let me tell

Help Slay Belles Save Christmas from Krampus!
Written by Chris Savage, May 23, 2015
That pesky beast, Krampus, is up to his old tricks again. Just when you thought it was safe, in comes the devil of Christmas to put a downer on your festivities, but all is not lost. SpookyDan Walker looks set to save Christmas with his latest film Slay Belles, but he needs your help in doing

Michael Rooker Joins James Gunn’s “Belko Experiment”
Written by Jason McDonald, May 23, 2015
James Gunn, the man behind “Slither” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, is teaming up with “Wolf Creek” director Greg McLean for a new horror thriller titled “The Belko Experiment.”  The film is gearing up for production and a bevy of cast members have already been announced. “The Belko Experiment” is about an American company located

World War Z 2 Gets a Release Date
Written by Jason McDonald, May 23, 2015
I hope that when they release Brad Pitt’s “World War Z 2″ they don’t call it that.  The Z and 2 being close like that is really messing with my eyes. I think the best comment regarding the title that I saw today was someone saying that when they get to the third one they

Poltergeist Review
Written by Jason McDonald, May 22, 2015
When putting together a remake of a classic film there are two dangerous pitfalls that a director might succumb too. The first is that they make a carbon copy of the original film that leaves you wondering why they even bothered to remake the film.  The second danger is that they make a film so

Horsehead Finds a Home in Artsploitation Films
Written by Chris Savage, May 22, 2015
Earlier this year there was a film titled which instantly caught my attention and that was Romain Basset’s Horsehead (Fievre). Since that time I’ve been keeping a close eye on it and today we are very pleased to announce that Artsploitation Films will be unleashing the film onto Blu-ray & DVD this June 23rd. Synopsis: Haunting