Exclusive: First Official Clip from ‘Girl in Woods’
Written by Chris Savage, May 31, 2016
We’ve been following Jeremy Benson’s creepy flick Girl in Woods [Review] for quite some time now and I’m sure many of you have too. So, with the film set for release on various VOD platforms this June 3, 2016, we have been provided with an exclusive clip from the upcoming film and you can check out the eerie

Will ‘Friday the 13th’ Feature a New Origin Story?
Written by Chris Savage, May 31, 2016
Ah, the Friday the 13th franchise. This sucker has had more false starts than I care to remember, but it finally looks as if there is movement over at the Platinum Dunes camp. And for those of you who are against the idea of the found-footage twist, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s dead in

Scream Factory Unearths ‘The Thing’ for a Blu-ray Release
Written by Chris Savage, May 31, 2016
The awesome folks over at Scream Factory just made an awesome announcement in celebration of their 4-year anniversary. The shingle will be unleashing John Carpenter’s The Thing onto a 2-disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray sometime this September. Details are pretty much non-existent at this time as it’s still very early, but you should expect something awesome. As per

Official Teaser Trailer for ‘Axeman II: Overkill’
Written by Chris Savage, May 31, 2016
It’s been a while since we last had an update for you in regards to Joston “El Rey” Theney’s Axeman II: Overkill, and according to Theney that’s due to some “behind the scenes nonsense” but what ever the hold up is, it hasn’t stopped them from moving on as we have now scored the official teaser

New Official Poster for Marcus Bradford’s ‘Witchula’
Written by Chris Savage, May 30, 2016
We’ve been closely following Marcus Bradford’s latest flick for quite sometime as it sounds is if it has some great potential, as well as the film being pegged as “the real Expendables of horror.” Bold statement? Well, there will be only one way to find out and that’s to keep your eyes on this sucker,

First Official Clip from ‘Virus: Extreme Contamination’
Written by Chris Savage, May 30, 2016
Domiziano Delvaux Cristopharo’s Virus: Extreme Contamination looks awesome! It’s filled to the brim with face-melting practical effects while delivering some truly creepy atmosphere. We’re hyped as heck for this sucker, but what about you? If you need some further convincing, head on down below for the first official clip as well as the previously released trailer.

‘Girl in Woods’ [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, May 29, 2016
Girl in Woods is Jeremy Benson’s (Live Animals) latest flick and it’s part survival horror, part psychological, but if I was to describe the film in one sentence it would be a “total freakin’ mindf**k!” The film had me scratching my head on so many occasions that I actually questioned my own sanity at times,

First Official Trailer for ‘Knucklebones’
Written by Chris Savage, May 29, 2016
From Mitch Wilson comes his latest slasher flick Knucklebones, a film which has the potential to unleash a new slasher icon onto the world, as this demon has some serious love for the chainsaw and it looks as if it will bring the carnage. Judging from the first trailer (see below), this one looks set to

‘Betrothed’ [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, May 28, 2016
Ever since I first witnessed Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I’ve been obsessed with sadistic families in films, but saying that it also goes back to Wes Cravens The Last House on the Left and Ingmar Bergman’s The Virgin Spring, but I think it was Hooper’s vision which really sparked my interest in the cannibal kind.

New Official ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Posters
Written by Chris Savage, May 27, 2016
Roland Emmerich is back doing what he does best, and that’s causing freakin’ destruction! Yep, Independence Day: Resurgence is almost upon us, but until that day, we have scored a slew of posters that are filled with destruction, check them out below. The film stars Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox,

‘Hardcore Henry’ Blasts Its Way onto Blu-ray & DVD
Written by Chris Savage, May 27, 2016
I still can’t believe I missed this sucker, but alas it passed me by and I was seriously gutted, but how about you? Did you guys get a chance to witness this one when it played in theatres? If not we have you covered as Hardcore Henry is making its way to Blu-ray & DVD

[Video] Listen to the Eerie Recordings That Inspired ‘The Conjuring 2’
Written by Chris Savage, May 26, 2016
If you guys need some inspiration to spark some nightmares, we have something right here that may just do that. Below we have scored some recordings from the Warrens’ files, and they’re sure to send several shivers down your spine. For the best experience put some headphones on and listen to the creepy sounds. Disclaimer:

The ‘Lurking Fear’ Finds a Home on Blu-ray
Written by Chris Savage, May 26, 2016
I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen this one, but what about you? Did you guys ever get a chance to witness C. Courtney Joyner’s Lurking Fear? If not, the film is making its way to Blu-ray for the first time ever via Full Moon Features, and we have the artwork and early details to share with

Brendan Gleeson and Anton Yelchin to Star in ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Series
Written by Jason McDonald, May 26, 2016
Another Stephen King property is heading to the small screen and while I usually prepare myself for a wild ride in quality, the names attached to this project so far have me feeling pretty optimistic. According to The Hollywood Reporter Audience Network, a network owned by DirecTV, has picked up David E. Kelley’s adaptation of Stephen King’s

Official Trailer for Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Lighthouse Keeper’
Written by Chris Savage, May 25, 2016
Back in January of this year we received word that Edgar Allan Poe’s final, unfinished short story known as “The Light-House” was being adapted as a feature film by Benjamin Cooper, and since then they have been working hard to unleash the first trailer and we have that for you to check out below. Be sure to let us

The New ‘Day of the Dead’ IS a Remake
Written by Chris Savage, May 25, 2016
Well, as you’re probably aware, there is a new Day of the Dead in the works, but there has been some speculation as to whether or not the new film is a remake or something much different, as the early description of the film sounds like something different altogether. But, our friends over at Dread

Terror Films Unleashes ‘Landmine Goes Click’ onto DVD
Written by Chris Savage, May 25, 2016
Levan Bakhia’s Landmine Goes Click, has been available on several major VOD platforms since early last year via Gravitas Ventures, and now, Terror Films have acquired the North American DVD rights for the film with a release date set for May 31, 2016. Head on down below for all the details including the trailer. From the

Official US Trailer for Jon Watts’ ‘Clown’
Written by Chris Savage, May 25, 2016
I’m pretty sure by now many of you have seen Jon Watts’ Clown, which is produced by Eli Roth, as the film has been available pretty much everywhere outside of the States. So, after a VERY long wait, Clown is finally making its way to the US this June 17, 2016 in theatres and on

‘Hush’ Director Mike Flanagan Might Be in Talks to Direct ‘Halloween’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 25, 2016
Well today has been a particularly interesting day for “Halloween” fans. First we learned that director John Carpenter was returning to the series to act as an Executive Producer and that producer Jason Blum would be helping out with the new sequel.  And now there seems to be a bit of news swirling around the

Shivers Entertainment Unleashes ‘Massacre Up North’ on DVD for the First Time
Written by Chris Savage, May 24, 2016
We have just received word of a new Canadian-based film distribution company called Shivers Entertainment, and they are jumping out of the gate guns blazing! Their first release is the re-release of Paul Stoichevski’s low-budget, ultra-violent slasher flick Massacre Up North, and the film will be hitting DVD for the first time with new artwork. The shingle