Horror Spotlight: Mario Bava Part 2
Written by Shaun Huhn (CineNiche), Today | No Comments
Welcome back to the world of Mario Bava. If you haven’t had a chance to read the first part of the spotlight you can check it out here. If you’ve already read it, then lets jump right back in. We begin the second half with Blood And Black Lace. Mario Bava’s next film became the true [...]

Alien Abduction Movie Review
Written by Chris Egan, Today | No Comments
Mysterious lights, secluded North Carolina wilderness, lone family, aliens? Alien Abduction starts off like a low-budget documentary that you’d catch on the History or Discovery channels with footage supposedly leaked from the Air Force and news footage (neither of which are convincing as real) mixed with some decently realistic “eye-witness” interviews. It then switches gears [...]

David Cronenberg’s Scanners Receives The Criterion Treatment
Written by Chris Savage, Today | No Comments
It has finally happened. David Cronenberg’s seminal film, Scanners, is set to receive the Criterion treatment, as The Criterion Collection will be unleashing the film onto Blu-ray and DVD as a special ‘Director Approved Edition’, and yes, it’s full of awesome extra features. The film is scheduled to hit Blu-ray and DVD this July 15th, [...]

The Killing Games Scores a Release Date
Written by Chris Savage, Today | No Comments
Well, well, well. What do we have here? If you’re after a little brutality that is nasty and in your face, we may just have the film for you in the form of Barry J. Gillis’ The Killing Games. So, make your way below for the release details and trailer for the upcoming flick. From the [...]

First Official Poster for Leprechaun: Origins
Written by Chris Savage, Today | 4 Comments
Here we go guys. Finally we have some more goods for you in regards to Leprechaun: Origins, as WWE Films and Lionsgate have just unleashed the first official poster for the upcoming film and to be fair, it’s a pretty cool poster. Simplistic, and thankfully they haven’t revealed the look of the Leprechaun, which is [...]

Devil in My Ride Hits VOD This May
Written by Chris Savage, 1 Day Ago | No Comments
Have you guys been following Gary Michael Schultz’s Devil in My Ride? I kinda missed the gun on this one, but know that it is in my sights I may just have to check this one out. And speaking of checking this one out, the film has just received its release date, so, pen and paper [...]

First Details & Artwork for the Korean Serial Killer Film ‘Live TV’
Written by Chris Savage, 1 Day Ago | No Comments
We are officially living in the digital age. Social media is the norm and suddenly everyone is looking to become an online sensation. But, just how far would you go to reach that golden number of  internet ‘hits’ and to catapult you into stardom? Well, if it’s anything like the upcoming Korean film Live TV, [...]

First Poster for Let Us Prey
Written by Chris Savage, 1 Day Ago | No Comments
From Brian O’Malley comes his latest flick Let Us Prey, and with the film set to hit the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, we have scored some poster art for the film and you can check it out below. The film stars Pollyanna McIntosh and Liam Cunningham. Synopsis: An enigmatic stranger is detained in the cells of [...]

Friday the 13th Has Found a Director
Written by Jason McDonald, 1 Day Ago | 17 Comments
If there’s one concern that the horror community can unite around, it’s the serious lack of “Friday the 13th” in our lives.  After a well-regarded remake in 2009, the series went dormant and fans were left wondering what would happen to their favorite campground killer.  Recently there’s been some rumblings that a new film could [...]

Official Artwork for The Bunnyman Massacre
Written by Chris Savage, 1 Day Ago | 7 Comments
We recently announced the news that Carl Lindbergh’s The Bunnyman Massacre is set to hit the Chiller TV network this Friday, April 18th. And with that date now set, the director, Carl Lindbergh, has provided us with he official artwork and you can check it out below. The film stars David Scott, Joshua Lang, Julianne Dowler, Jennifer June Ross, [...]

Kill Zombie! Hits Blu-ray & DVD This June
Written by Chris Savage, 1 Day Ago | No Comments
For those of you who have been following Marijn Smits and Erwin Ven Den Eshof’s horror-comedy flick Kill Zombie! will be very pleased to know that this undead sucker is making its way home. From the Press Release: A deadly virus turns the good citizens of Amsterdam into the bloodthirsty undead in the horror-comedy KILL ZOMBIE!, [...]

New Godzilla Poster Goes Retro
Written by Chris Savage, 1 Day Ago | 1 Comment
For you guys today we have a little treat. Below we have scored a brand new trailer which respects the legacy of Godzilla from its original beginnings. So, make your way below and give it a glance and then wait ever patiently for this one to finally hit this May 16th. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson [...]

Holliston Could Live Beyond FEARnet
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 2 Days Ago. | No Comments
In the wake of today’s sad news that FEARnet would be coming to an end, many are left wondering what the future might hold for those that were involved in the network.  And while there is a lot of uncertainty going around, there could be a silver lining for one group. FEARnet’s original series “Holliston”, [...]

Hemlock Grove Season 2 Premiere Date Announced
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 2 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
While I have mixed feelings about the first season of Netflix’s “Hemlock Grove”, I’m sure there are quite a few fans out there who will be thrilled to know that the series is indeed returning for a second season. IGN broke the news today that Netflix has announced a premiere date for “Hemlock Grove” season [...]

FEARnet Acquired by Comcast and to be Folded into Syfy and Chiller
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 2 Days Ago. | 5 Comments
If you’ve been a consumer of all things horror, then there’s a strong chance you’ve probably used FEARnet in one way or another.  Whether it was through their website, cable channel, or VOD service FEARnet had extended its reach to all corners of the media spectrum.  Now all that might be going away as cable [...]

CCP Cancels World of Darkness
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 2 Days Ago. | No Comments
In a world where MMOs are struggling to live long enough just to become “free-to-play”, its always a surprise to see another franchise attempt to enter the fray.  One such MMO was the long-gestating “World of Darkness” which was an online game based on the “Vampire: The Masquerade” series. “World of Darkness” was originally announced [...]

New Extended TV Spot for Godzilla
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 2 Days Ago. | No Comments
And here we have yet another TV spot for you guys today, jeez. But, it’s all good because it’s freakin’ Godzilla! So, make your way below and check out the brand new extended TV spot and let us know if you’ll be checking this one out. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Kick-Ass”), Oscar® nominee Ken Watanabe [...]

New Official TV Spot for The Quiet Ones
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 2 Days Ago. | No Comments
We here have been hearing nothing but good things when it comes to John Pogue’s The Quiet Ones. So ,with the arrival of a brand new TV spot which you can view below, it has us even more stoked for this sucker. Make your way down and give it a look. Synopsis:  The Quiet Ones (inspired by true [...]

First TV Spot for Edge of Tomorrow
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 3 Days Ago. | No Comments
Last month we gave you guys the full official trailer for Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow, and since then I’ve been pretty damn stoked for this sucker. Today however, we have scored the first official TV spot, and yes, I’m still pumped. Check out the footage below and let us know what you think? The [...]

FRIDAY THE 13th – The Final Chapter – 30 Years Later
Written by Tim Hannigan, Posted 3 Days Ago. | 3 Comments
Friday April 13th 1984 was advertised as “Jason’s Unlucky Day”. Of course – three decades later we can appreciate that when the word “Final” is used in a horror franchise it is simply a marketing gimmick – sort of like a KISS Farewell Tour. If people believe that this is the last one they will [...]

Celebrate Easter with The Bunnyman Massacre on Chiller TV
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 3 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Easter is nearly upon us, folks. And well, it just wouldn’t be Easter without bunnies and chocolate eggs, but you know what. The hell with that, what we want it pure freakin’ carnage and that is what we’re going to get. Carl Lindbergh’s The Bunnyman Massacre is set to hit the Chiller TV network this [...]

First Official Trailer for Erebus
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 3 Days Ago. | No Comments
Fans of horror anthology films are in luck, as we have just received word of a new one which features none other than genre icon Michael Berryman. So, make your way below and check out the first details and trailer for Rick Laprade’s Erebus. The film also stars Michael LoCicero, Ally Tully, Marc Vos, Vanessa Leigh, [...]

First Official Trailer for Indigenous
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 4 Days Ago. | 3 Comments
Well now, this sucker certainly has my attention. Below we have scored the first official trailer for Alastair Orr’s found-footage creature feature flick, Indigenous, and I’m pretty stoked for this one if I’m honest. The film stars Zachary Soetenga, Sofia Pernas, Pierson Fode, Jamie Anderson, Lindsey McKeon, and Juanxo Villaverde. Synopsis: A group of five American friends on the [...]

Taking No Prisoners: The Horrors of New French Extremism
Written by Jared, Posted 4 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
The genre of “New Extremism” is deeply routed in horror’s history and a sub-genre of that, recently dubbed “New French Extremism” is a version I find particularly interesting.  New French Extremism lingers in those moral grey areas that litter our world, shocking audiences with its’ unrelenting deceptions of brutal violence and graphic sexuality.  Taboo is [...]

Witness the Insanity of the Circus of the Dead in New Official Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 5 Days Ago. | No Comments
Brace yourself, kids, as Bill Oberst Jr., and his merry-men of psychotic clowns are making their way to a circus near you, and to give you guys a taste of what’s to come we have scored a brand new trailer for Circus of the Dead, courtesy of our friends over at Fangoria. I’ve been following [...]

Official Release Date Announced for Life After Beth
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 5 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Jeff Baena’s horror comedy, Life After Beth, has finally scored an official release date. It was recently announced that A24 will be unleashing the film into theatres this August 15th. Let us know if you’ll be heading out to see this sucker? Synopsis: Zach is devastated by the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Beth. But when [...]

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