‘The Dark’ Engulfs DVD This October
Written by Chris Savage, September 18, 2018
We’ve just received word that FrightFest Presents will be unleashing Justin P. Lange and Klemens Hufnagl’s The Dark onto DVD and Digital HD this October 22nd in the UK, and below we have the official artwork, trailer and details. Is this something you guys will be checking out? Let us know if you do. The film

[Review] ‘The Predator’ is Absurdly Dumb But Entertaining
Written by Jason McDonald, September 16, 2018
The Predators have finally returned to theaters to start a new hunt.  The series has long been plagued by terrible crossovers and less than stellar sequels.  With “The Predator” Shane Black returns to the series after appearing in the original “Predator” movie, but this time as a writer and director.  Will his return finally usher

Scream Factory’s ‘Creepshow’ Collector’s Edition Has Been Packed with Extras
Written by Chris Savage, September 14, 2018
It appears as if this Halloween is going to be off the hook! We have David Gordon Green’s Halloween to look forward to which has received some very good early praise, and now we have an awesome update for Scream Factory’s release of Creepshow, which will be featured as a Collector’s Edition filled to the brim with gleaming

First Official Trailer for the Onetti Brothers’ ‘Abrakadabra’
Written by Chris Savage, September 14, 2018
The third and final film in the Onetti Brothers’ Giallo trilogy is Abrakadabra, and below we have been provided with the first official trailer and I have to say that this one looks stunning. Visually authentic and just something we cannot wait to witness. Give the trailer a watch below and let us know if

‘Alan Wake’ is Getting a Television Series
Written by Jason McDonald, September 14, 2018
Among the many games that I wish had done better and gotten a sequel is “Alan Wake.”  The game was an interesting blend of Stephen King and Twin Peaks that created a fascinating world, even if the game mechanics weren’t all that great. Well, now we’ll be able to experience all the best parts of

Netflix Reveals the First Teaser for ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’
Written by Jason McDonald, September 14, 2018
I know people initially laughed at the idea of a darker, more serious, version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but I don’t think those people knew about the comic book series that inspired this new adaptation.  The “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is a wonderfully macabre series that explores the darker side of Archie comics and

Arnold Schwarzenegger Turned Down a Role in ‘Predator’ for ‘Terminator 6’ But Could Be Back for ‘Predator 2’
Written by Jason McDonald, September 13, 2018
It’s been eight years since we last got some Predator action, so I’m a little more than excited for this weekend’s release of “The Predator.” But I can only imagine how much more excited I would be if I could see Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the series.  Well, that could still be a possibility. Speaking

‘The Conjuring 3’ Begins Production Next Year But Could We See the Warrens Return in ‘Annabelle 3’?
Written by Jason McDonald, September 13, 2018
While I wasn’t a huge fan of “The Nun” the film still did exceedingly well at the box office this past weekend earning a grand total of $140 million worldwide.  I have a feeling though, that even if “The Nun” had somehow underperformed it would not have stopped the current “Conjuring” universe train from chugging

Two New Clips Have Emerged from ‘The Basement’
Written by Chris Savage, September 12, 2018
We announced a little while back that Brian M.Conley’s The Basement will be hitting theatres and On Demand this Friday, September 14th, and now with that date just a couple of days away, we’ve got for you two new clips to check out below. So, will you be making your way into The Basement? From the

Jennifer Phillips’ ‘Blood Child’ is Now Available on VOD
Written by Chris Savage, September 12, 2018
What looks to be a harrowing and heartbreaking tale is Jennifer Phillips’ Blood Child, and you guys can now catch this one on Digital HD and Cable VOD right now. Check out the official trailer, artwork and details below, and if you have seen this one be sure to let us know what you thought? From

Jordan Peele Might Produce a Remake of ‘Candyman’
Written by Jason McDonald, September 11, 2018
After winning an Oscar for a movie that was not only a hit with critics, but at the box office as well Jordan Peele can pretty much do whatever he wants.  And it seems like he’s attempting to do so.  From the rumors that he was trying to make a live-action adaptation of “Gargoyles” to his

‘The Boat’ Sets Sail into Eerie Waters at Fantastic Fest
Written by Chris Savage, September 10, 2018
Anyone remember the 2002 movie Ghost Ship? Man, that sucker started off so well and then quickly took a nosedive into the murky depths, never to be spoken of again. But, in hindsight, maybe it’s not all that bad. But, speaking of supernatural ships/boats, we’ve just learned that Winston Azzopardi’s directorial debut, The Boat, will be

Ripley Takes on the Colonial Marines in this Excellent Recut
Written by Jason McDonald, September 10, 2018
We don’t need a recut to tell us what we already know in our hearts:  Ripley could easily kick the ass of just about any Colonial Marine.  Except maybe Vasquez, she’s scary as hell.  However, that being said, we now have video proof to back up those claims. YouTuber WTMRecut (aka Robert Panico) has recut

‘Halloween’ is Getting Strong Early Reviews Out of TIFF
Written by Jason McDonald, September 10, 2018
We’re a little over a month away before Michael Myers makes his grand return to the big screen in the newest “Halloween” sequel, but today we’re getting an early taste of what the reviews might be like.  The new “Halloween” made its world premiere last night at the Toronto International Film Festival and the critics

[Review] ‘The Nun’ Feels like a Step Back for the Conjuring Universe
Written by Jason McDonald, September 9, 2018
While the first “Conjuring” has a special place in my heart, I never imagined when it was first released that we would be getting a cinematic universe out of it.  And while the core films have been good, the spin-off movies have had pretty mixed results.  “Annabelle” was a disappointment, while “Annabelle: Creation” managed to

‘St. Agatha’ Heads to Uncork’d Entertainment
Written by Chris Savage, September 9, 2018
In November of last year we announced that Octane Entertainment had acquired the worldwide sales rights to Darren Lynn Bousman’s St. Agatha. And now we can reveal that the film has scored distribution in North America via Uncork’d Entertainment and we have all the details pertaining to the acquisition below. Have you had your eye

A Scene Was Removed from ‘The Predator’ Due to a Sex Offender
Written by Jason McDonald, September 7, 2018
There are a multitude of reasons that a film will have scenes cut out at the last minute.  Most of them usually revolve around mundane things like trying to get a certain rating or trying to come in under a time limit.  But in the instance of “The Predator” a certain scene was cut because

Artsploitation Films Unleashes the Apocalyptic ‘Molly’ onto Blu-ray & DVD
Written by Chris Savage, September 6, 2018
One film that has quickly caught my eye is Molly, from co-directors Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese, and we are very pleased to announces that the folks over at Artsploitation Films have scoured the wasteland to bring to you the film onto Blu-ray and DVD this October. Check out the official trailer, artwork and details below.

‘The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival’ Returns for its Third Massive Year
Written by Chris Savage, September 6, 2018
The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival will be returning for its third year this October, and it appears as if it is just growing from strength to strength. Just check out the awesome line-up they have planned below, it sounds absolutely awesome with such a diverse selection. So, check out the details below and let us

Shudder is Bringing Back Joe Bob Briggs for More Specials and a Series
Written by Jason McDonald, September 6, 2018
If you were one of the many, many, people that tuned in to see Joe Bob Briggs return for his special on Shudder, then you were part of a special group of people that caused Shudder to crash and thus prevented me from watching. Thanks. But seriously, thanks! Because of the high demand for Joe