1,761 MoH: Family DVD Details

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1,762 Hitcher on DVD May 1st

by Meh

1,765 Kaiju Returns To DVD

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1,772 Mario Bava Collection- Volume 1

by DemonToSome

1,773 Masters of Horror DvD

by Shakingman

1,774 Phantasm III DVD Art & Specs

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1,775 Winner of PREY on DVD

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1,777 More cool stuff coming on DVD

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1,785 60 days to spend $100...any suggestions?

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1,789 Win UNKNOWN on DVD

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1,790 Cemetary Man

by killjoy

1,791 Win PREY on DVD

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1,795 Saw 3 Unrated DVD Ending **SPOLERS**

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1,798 Anchor Bay Re-Animator DVD Specs

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1,801 Where to buy DVDs?

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1,802 Final Destination Question

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1,805 Bloodlust

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1,811 The Beyond DVD

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1,813 Monster Squad On DVD!!

by Goon

1,816 Wicker Man in 2 minutes

by killjoy

1,822 Death Row DVD Specs

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1,824 Grindhouse films

by adamroddis

1,827 The Grudge 2

by LittleMan

1,830 Looking for DVDs

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by Kid Bosco

1,833 See No Evil

by RaVeN71806

1,834 FEAST

by thedeadshallrule

1,835 Friday the 13th boxset

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1,836 Event Horizon

by morpheus

1,837 Are You Scared

by ResidentEvilRising

1,838 Double Dip? Yea or Nea?

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1,839 Holiday Horror List

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