881 Horror story idea I got

by thegoldensimatar

884 The Sarah Connor Chronicles

by psykojoe

885 SE7EN comics

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891 games to movies

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900 Book Question

by BlackDeathDamien

901 New horror Movie game....

by sickf**k

905 Halo Wars Trailer

by Meh

906 Castlevania

by DeathbyHighKick ( Pages 1 2 )

910 Devil May Cry

by deathgate666

911 new Alien games

by deathgate666

912 Indigo Prophecy

by jmh314

920 Mortal Kombat 2

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921 Free Comic book day coming up

by thedeadshallrule

930 FEAR Coming to PS3

by Meh

938 TCM Poster

by ResidentEvilRising

946 Horror Mag Covers

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947 horror boggleheads!

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948 Gene Simmons' House Of Horrors


954 Need a Favour!!!

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956 Horror autos

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959 Horror Games

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