481 David Lynch, what do you think of him?

by Scavenger of Human Sorrow

482 Five flops?

by hellrat

483 Oldboy (2013)

by BubRub

486 All Things Chucky

by Tripod

487 Win World War Z Blu Ray Region 1

by floridapossum

489 Awesome Carrie Prank


492 Identify movie

by PMD198

494 The House That Vanished (1974)

by Master Horror

496 RIP Gary Brandner

by Theli

499 "New French Extremism"

by Theli

500 Trying to find a movie.

by DarkMistress

501 Any Horror fans in South Florida??

by Splatter-Rama!

503 Friday the 13th Movie Night

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505 What's that movie?

by EmmanuelleJacques

507 Zack Ward.

by hellrat

513 Help Identifying a Horror Film

by Herr Terror

514 What movie is this?

by andygold

515 Horror Movie Reviewers

by LuLuLuhxe

517 Worst Directors

by BubRub ( Pages 1 2 )

518 The Conjuring...

by Master Horror

519 RIP Karen Black :(

by kXnPunk

520 What horror film is this from?

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524 Quiz Time!

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526 Has anyone seen The Conjuring?

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527 Name This Film Please

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528 Karen Black passed away

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530 horror and the eighties

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531 What is the name of this movie?!?

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532 What Up!!!!!


534 Godzillas Rogues Gallery

by Tripod

536 Jason's masks.

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537 My Favorite Horror Films

by Jake Featherston

538 Female Horror Directors

by dakotamoon

542 When did you first realize you loved horror?

by DarkMistress ( Pages 1 2 )

543 Rank the Friday the 13th movies, from your least fave' to your fave'

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544 Reality Bending horror movies

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547 The Ring, did it scare you?

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548 Wow!!! Check this out!!

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549 What horror films deserve a sequel?

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552 An Ode To Del Toro

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553 The name of the Movie

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554 Blumhouse Horror Films

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555 Favourite Horror Movies

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