Topic: MEG for Prez in 2008

Well MEG might not be running for president but it may finally start shooting this spring. The book by Steve Alten about a prehistoric shark come back to wreak havoc on surfers everywhere has been in limbo for years now. First it was put on hold by D...

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Re: MEG for Prez in 2008

I have read of the best books I have ever read.  Really suspenseful and scary, if De Bont does it well it will be a modern day JAWS.  I have read the first few pages of TRENCH....very nice, had to drop because my book fell apart...and I haven't read Primal Waters.

So happy to finally see this puppy to get under way.  Heard also another reason it got put on hold was Rush Hour 3 was wanted first.

Re: MEG for Prez in 2008

I actually came across the book when I was browsing threw Borders.  It actually looked pretty interesting.  Let's see if they can pull it off.  Although, I'm not a big fan of shark movies... except, of course, Jaws.