Topic: looking for a few horror discs

Hi. I'm brand new to the board and came across it, hoping to pick up some horror films that haven't made it to DVD yet or are pretty rare. Maybe someone's transferred these to DVD from VHS and can help me out. Thanks.

Specifically, I'm looking for:
The Unseen (1981 starring Barbara Bach)
Madman (1981 (I think) starring Joe Giannone)
The Children (1980 or 1981, Troma's release)
TRAPPED aka The Killer Instinct, aka Baker County, U.S.A. (year unknown)

I don't have much horror anymore as I cleared tons of it out on ebay a few years ago but I do have thousands of pro wrestling DVDs if that's of interest. Thanks.

Re: looking for a few horror discs

Madman is expensive on Amazon = … amp;sr=1-1

The Children is available mostly in online sites, here's some cheap ones = … amp;sr=1-1

The Unseen will be finally available on dvd August 19 2008.

Trapped i believe is not on dvd yet and only as bootleg/burn from vhs to dvd-r, heres one link to a bootleg = … R-47378186

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