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ССД : Смерть Совет� ким Дет� м (неофициальный трейлер)

Here's the trailer

New slasher coming out. The twist... Its from Russia and it looks pretty violent. Kind of a Friday The 13th meets Saw meets Stalin. Its called SSD (It stands for Soviet children must die.)

For the new reality "Camp" were found 5 guys and 5 girls with hot host Alice Tan (Anfisa Chehova). Reality takes place in abandoned camp wich was built a loooong time ago. Every weak someone is going home. The winner gets 1 million rubles (about 35, 000$). Suddenly, they’re starting to feel that they’re not alone. And what a surprise, during the first vote out one of the players gets brutaly murdered. Everyboby sees a killer: some guy with a horse mask on his face... And then its not a game anymore.

This actually looks really good.

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hey that does sound really good. im on campus now so i cant watch the trailer but i will when i get home.

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I really want to see this.  smile