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Foreign films really do kick ass when it comes to horror. I am sure they will massacre this film with a really bad dub job but who knows. Sl8n8 low down:

Before the death penalty was abolished in the Netherlands in 1860, the condemned were given the option between immediate execution or acting as a "fireman". A fireman carried a burning torch into a coal mine to detonate the minegas. If the condemned survived the explosion, he was reprieved. In all cases the condemned criminals never survived. Kristel Lodema, a young, paranormally gifted student and a group of friends, enter an old coal mine one night just for a laugh. They learn that it was the place where a serial killer named Martiens was brought to death. Martiens had to work as a so-called "fireman". Under the influence of alcohol and XTC-pills, they try to raise, with an ouija board, the spirit of the old fireman.

Having brought along an Ouijaboard just for kicks, they contact the spirit world and unwittingly unleashe Martiens' spirit, looking for revenge: although he successfully acted as a fireman and survived the blast, he wasn't pardoned but left to die in the mine. Their visit becomes a gruelling nightmare as, one by one, they fall prey to a hidden and merciless evil power that takes possession of their bodies. In a nerve wrecking race against time they have to put Martiens' spirit to rest and get out of the mine alive…It's now up to Kristel to put down this evil.

Checkout the trailer tell me it doesnt look just plain awesome!

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Heh, I just laughed out loud at the sentence:

Having brought along an Ouijaboard just for kicks,

Because in our drunken stupors, we always bring out our Ouijaboards right? smile

Could be interesting, many horrors that "dwell" down in caves now.

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Dude i never go anywhere without my tools of the devil... devil tools... CHECK.. beer .... CHECK. Bring on the mayhem! Seriously I love the trailer!