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i just turn quarantine off because its shit.... but i dont think the vomit cam is as bad as "Zombie Diaries"

usual stoned to the bone before watching a movie... never ever have i felt sick watching a hand held cam movie...

Zombie Diaries is just fuckin wack... not just a shit story n tings... but extremely shit camera work.

Zombie Diaries... you suck... prolly as much as quarantine, if not more... i cant tell which is worst.

Re: Please QUARANTINE my eyes!!!!!

EasterBunnyKiller wrote:

I'm going to become really unpopular and have to disagree with the general consensus. I enjoyed Quarantine far more than [REC]. Maybe it was on account of what I assume to be poorly translated subtitles. Maybe it was the Mexican soap opera dialogue delivery. Maybe it was just that for me, it lacked that little X-factor that draws me into movies. For whatever reason, I found Quarantine to be much more palatable.

And in response to HoP's first comment: If you were a trained cameraman, do you think you'd care whether or not the camera was steady while you were running away from zombies?

Which brings me to my only real complaint about that movie, and all these pseudo-documentary movies: When the shit goes down, what kind of an idiot is going to hold onto the fucking camera?


Re: Please QUARANTINE my eyes!!!!!

id hold the camera if someones gutts were being muncched on... but say a swarm came... id start hacking heads off with machete

Re: Please QUARANTINE my eyes!!!!!

I thought it was pretty good. Sure there were some scenes that were iffy, but everyone has their own opinion.