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This new reality show just premiered last night.  Is anyone else watching it?

Yes it is as brainless as any other but at least it's genre related.  The director's challenges are kind of fun and they are competing for a role in Saw VI.

Funny quote:
"I am soooo excited about this.  Saw VI already has such a huuuge cult following."

Really?  Cause Saw V is about to be released. Wow, VI has a cult following already?  That's impressive.  tongue

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I'm waiting for the casting couch competition
now that'll be must see TV

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I DVR'ed it last night and will be watching it later tonight.  What I don't like already:  that there's going to be a Saw VI.  So, no matter who lives or dies in Saw V, it's not going to mean anything.  Well, not like I care, really; I stopped watching after Saw III.

Saw:  The Friday the 13th of the new millenium.

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I thought that quote was funny too!  Of course I'm watching this.  Am I embarrassed?  Yeah.  No.  Actually, I'm not.

The best part, though, is that whatsherface, oh gosh, I can't think of her name... the hostess... uh, S. S.  uh...  anyway.  Um, Shawnee Smith. That's it!  I remembered without imdb.

Anyway, Shawnee looks like she wants to kill every single one of those girls for real. 
She is SEETHING with hatred!

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LMAO You are so right.  That was killing me.  She could barely say her lines she was gritting her teeth so hard.  smile

You know what I like though?  I love that all the judges will just cut them down and tell them to shut up when they too diva-ish.  That's just great.  I say give 'em hell.

And oh my lord some of those girls CANNOT act.  LOL

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I watched one part of it where they had to act scared as a masked guy with a chainsaw went after them.  One girl (the one who won that challenge) was good but a couple of them were absolutely terrible.

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Michelle really needs to get over herself.

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I admit i had watched this one from the first epi till the last one, and i was not happy who they picked to have the break out role in the upcoming does everyone about it?