Topic: Area 51 Movie Update

Been awhile since we have heard anthing about the Area 51 movie that is in the works but we now have an update from Grant Morrison who spilled the beans to MTV

Morrison’s version is an adaptation of the Midway video game, in which a viral ou...

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Re: Area 51 Movie Update

okay, the first Area 51 game was decent, but a let down ( considering David Ducovony's narration) I bought the game and was more than a little disappointed. The sequel just sucked balls. Now that's a shitbox game. Would it be too much too ask to maybe first FIX all the other crappy game-to-movie adaptations?
I'm still waiting for a game that actually follows and captures the creepiness that is Resident Evil, or even Silent Hill for that matter (which was better) but still over-bloated BIG Hollywood BULLSHIT!
I can think of a lot  more suitable games that would make great movies, and this is not one of them. ... and stop with the stupid fucken same Hollywood formula that makes  most horror and sci-fi pictures a joke, believe me we don't need any more highly polished badly lit, badly acted pictures shoved down our throat,... ONE or TWO good ones will do, thank you very much.