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So I finished off the 1 player campaign today.  It was a somewhat short campaign clocking in probably in the 12 hour range if I had to guess.  I figured those who have played can leave some thoughts and impressions and such.  I did a full game review which you can check out here:  but I wanted to make a thread to discuss some points.

For those playing, did you use the meat shield or melee kills on downed enemies?  I did at first but after a while I got tired of dying trying to run up and stomp on a head so I just stopped doing it and shot them.

What did you think of the story?  I liked it, but nothing was explained.  They gave some cool angles but never followed through on them.

Lack of boss battles sucked.  One real boss battle and the rest were basically easy encounteres.  I liked that there were vehicle battle but after the opening on the tank, driving a truck, flying on reavers, and riding a Brumak I had enough of sitting still on a vehicle and wanted to run around and kill some bitches. 


I wish they would have given us more on the Adam Fenix story/involvement.  We know he was involved with the Locusts somehow but they dont really explain how or why.  After I beat it I was talking to a friend on the phone and was like "they didnt reveal anything with the Adam Fenix plot".  Then I sat through the credits to find a little surprise: a brief message from Adam Fenix but it wasnt all that earth shattering.  I feel they wasted an opportunity with this but they must be saving it for a Gears 3.  Still they could of used it to build on this games story even more

*****End SPOILERS*****

So yeah thats just some thoughts.  I did dig the shit out of this game.  Much improved over the first.  Been playing multiplayer online and there is some cool stuff there which should be fun to get into.  I just feel that some of the changes were a disappointment because they made it sound like it would be a jaw dropping story and i think I had my expectations a little too high in that regard.

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I saw a commercial for this and there was an interesting song playing.  Is it from the game?  Did you happen to see this and know what it is?

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^ I know the games soundtrack was scored by Steve Jablonsky who has scored movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) and Transformers. 

Not sure of the song is in the new commercial.  It's interesting though but was not in the game.  It's not as good as the commercial for the original game with the song Mad World though.  Considering it was for a video game, it was a sweet choice of song for the commercial.  Two links below, first one for what I hope is the commerical you mentioned.  Second one is the cool commercial from the original game. … ommercial/ … mad_world/

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im gonna have to get this game for my cpu, but i need the first one first lol i still havent played it

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Thanks, darlin!  I remember that Mad World one.  The original and the remake are both very nice songs. 

It's kind of Jeff Buckley meets Roy Orbison doing something co-written by Muse and AFI

I found it in wiki-answers it's called "How it Ends" by DeVotchKa.  I've heard them on XM radio, and they are, yes, interesting.

edit:  I just bought it on itunes.  Let me know if you want it, or anything else wink  I can send you some music as a present for Thanksgiving.

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^Lets hope it doesnt get lost in the mail wink

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^ Oh, it goes without saying that it would get lost in the mail.  Because it will be addressed like so:

Mod of the Dead!
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^No i think that would make it here.  big_smile

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The thing I was most disappointed in was the fact that the end boss was so easy (you don't even actually do anything to kill it!) and the story was way too loose. Just when it got interesting, you realized it would not be explained until the third one. To properly envelope people in a three part story, you must give each a definitive enough ending to not leave people like they've just read the middle 1/3 of a book. It's a definite step up from the first, but there were so many loose ties that will probably be forgotten by the time Gears 3 comes around.