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Has anyone seen any of the episodes of Horror Meets Comedy that are available on Xbox Live?   I have seen the first 3 episodes and they arent bad. 

If you are unfamiliar, Horror Meets Comedy is like Masters of Horror except they get horror directors to direct a 5 to 10 minutes long comedy shorts.  Executive produced by James Gunn, Horror Meets Comedy episodes are available for FREE download with a new short being posted every Tuesday through the end of the year I believe. 

So far there have been 3 episodes, Lucky McKee’s BLUE LIKE YOU, Andrew Douglas' THE MIRACLE OF PHIL, and James Wan's DOGGIE HEAVEN.    I thought The Miracle of Phil was pretty stupid.  Blue Like You was decent because the girl in it was both hot and funny.  Doggie Heaven was decent,  I liked Leigh Whannell in it and the ending was funny. 

I suggest checking them out if you have xbox live.  They are free downloads and short, so you cant go wrong with that.  Give them a try

Synopsis for known episodes, both exisiting and coming soon.
Lucky McKee BLUE LIKE YOU: Patrick and Cyndy have a beautiful new friend named Blue, who seems strangely unable to figure out how things work.

Andrew Douglas’ THE MIRACLE OF PHIL: Phil and Chris have an extremely contentious relationship—and the tension isn’t helped when Phil is the one who winds up getting pregnant.

James Wan’s DOGGIE HEAVEN: A young man is having a bitch of a day: He has been shot dead and, thanks to a clerical error, he’s been sent to the wrong afterlife

David Slade’s MEATDOG: An animated pooch made up of cold cuts contends with a cult of evil pigs, a carnivorous rabbit and a rival dog.

Adam Green’s FAIRY TALE POLICE: Two real-world cops patrol a storybook land and must keep the peace when the likes of Santa Claus, Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf get out of control.

Peter Cornwell’s POST APOCALYPTIC PIZZA: Thanks to a nuclear catastrophe, pizza makings are extremely hard to come by, making the job of delivering them especially perilous.

James Gunn’s SPARKY AND MIKAELA : A high school girl and a puppet raccoon take on both human and animal criminals.

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i'm gonna look these up today - i let you know what i think !! big_smile