Topic: RUIFLEC Le Village des Ombres (Village of Darkness/Shadows)

I just stumbled on this....sounds kind of good.

Here's a synopsis for Ruiflec - The Village of Darkness from the MySpace official page for the movie: "A group of student friends are heading to the village of Ruiflec for the weekend. They are dispatched in two cars. All the passengers of the first vehicle disappear without any explanation at the village entrance. The others arrive and soon discover that the place is totally empty, all means of communication are dead and there is no way out. While looking for their lost friends, they will now fight to stay alive and get out of Ruiflec..."

There's an English-subtitled version of the opening scene from Ruiflec - The Village of Darkness on MySpace; the scene was shot to secure financing for the movie. Set in the fictitious village of Ruiflec (previously spelled "Ruyflec") in occupied France on August 8, 1942 (1944 in the French-subtitled version), it stars Jochen Haegele and Pierre-Marie Rochefort-Schneider as the German soldiers Klaus Froelich and Ulrich Wagner, respectively.

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