Topic: Cold Hunger by Steven William Jenkins

Hello All,

Please let me introduce myself.  My name is Steve Jenkins and I have self-published my first novel, Cold Hunger. This dark tale should please those who enjoy horror based on Native American mtyhs and legends.

The speculative creature in the story is a cunning trickster known as the Wendigo-the acient embodiment of cold and starvation that haunts the Cree and Objibwa cultures of Canada.

I appreciate any support in my to effort to promote this tale of horror, dark secrets and sordid indiscretion practiced by the town of Warring, Minnesota's aging patriarchs who prohibit anyone from saving the charactrers Nick, his wife Cindy and the town's inhabitants from their fate.

Please visit Amazon or Wordclay for more information about the book.

It can be purchased from Amazon, Wordclay our myself.

Keep the genre alive!

Thank you for taking a look.

Best regards,
Steve Jenkins

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