Topic: Tony Burgess PontyPool Interview

Below you can checkout a video interview with Tony Burgess where he talks about his upcoming film. Thanks to Ian for sending it over. Helmed by renowned Director Bruce McDonald, PONTYPOOL marks the filmmaker’s first venture into the horror genr...

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Re: Tony Burgess PontyPool Interview

lol:lol::lol::lol: Someone take this guy's head out of his ass!

"a metaphor for a metaphor"


Should've just adapted a Margret Atwood book into a zombie fim.

And YOU know what else, Meh!

Just kiddin, I'm not angry... I love ... it's just this false label that still sticks to Bruce McDonald: renowned... I know of nothing after Hardcore Logo that can qualifies him as being called a good director. As a matter of fact I personally know of a project that could have been good, that he destroyed.

But back to Pontypool. Talk about the opposite of high concept. A virus that is transmitted by WORDS? Does this interest anyone else based on that premise?