Topic: Wolfman Remake Gets Toys

The Wolfman remake release is getting a toy line but admittedly a toy line for us collectors. The new collectibles from Mezco look pretty cool. Checkout an image of one of them below and you can see more here. The remake will hit theatres this Novemb...

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Re: Wolfman Remake Gets Toys

1. cool figurine
2. I hope the producers put as much thought into the movie as the merch and promo materials
3. it's too much to ask for this flick to be rated R, isn't it?
4. Del Toro's a damn fine actor, curious what he'll bring to the role
5. Wonder how loosely adapted this remake will be
6. November's a long ways away
7. Please don't F this one up too, Hollywood

Re: Wolfman Remake Gets Toys

I think we need to all come together and realize that this movie will have only great special effects,nothing more to offer. I'd like to stay positive, but as long as this movie is shy of the R-rating it deserves, then this is just another kiddie flick.