Topic: SAW.. Based on true events or just a coincidence?

Ok dont know if anyone else has discovered this or not but sorry if it has already been discussed...

I was browsing doing some research on the up coming remake of "Motel Hell" and came across a profile for Rory Calhoun who plaed the farmer.  On his profile it states in 1976 he stared in an episode of a 1 season 15 episode TV series entitled "JIGSAW JOHN".  It so happens that the TV series "JIGSAW JOHN" was based on actual cases of real life investigator John P. St. John better known as “Jigsaw John†.

“Jigsaw John† was an American police officer and Los Angeles Police Department Homicide detective, renowned for his investigations of many of Los Angeles’s highest-profile murder cases.  His nickname, 'Jigsaw John', originated in his early career with a dismemberment murder he solved in Griffith Park in which the victim had been cut up jigsaw-style. The moniker caught on because of his ability to piece clues together in difficult cases, resulting in many arrests and convictions.  St. John was renowned within the Robbery-Homicide Division for his amazing memory, and dogged determination in working the minutiae that led to solving murders and getting convictions.  Over the course of his career, he solved at least two-thirds of the more than 1,000 homicides he worked including cop killings such as the famed Onion Fields murder, cop-turned-contract murderer William Leasure and myriad other cop killings.  John St. John retired from the LAPD in May 1993, with the intention of becoming a technical advisor for the movie industry. It was not to be. “Jigsaw John† died of complications due to pneumonia and pancreatic cancer only two years later.

WOW i said.. what a coincidence!! DIED of cancer, name is JIGSAW JOHN.. worked solving cop MUDERERS.. Only difference was he was a cop.. but then again HOFFMAN is a cop.. aka jigsaw #2.  I dunno what do u guys think? Did the creators fo the saw franchise get thier ideas from real life situations? or is this just a coincidence?

Re: SAW.. Based on true events or just a coincidence?

Nothing, absolutely nothing in the past at least 10 years has been truly original.  Although I never knew about this story, I had a hunch it wasn't original.  Well, the basis.  I think the Jigsaw was more or less because the clues on how to escape were like a puzzle.  That seems more accurate.  That may be a coincidence, but who knows?