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Do you like horror? do you like first person shooter games? do you like intense ammounts of blood and gore? So do I! and F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin delivers it in one of the most brutal and beautiful games iv seen come out in a long time. Now FEAR 1 and its 2 expansion packs (Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate) were very cool games, but the sequel just blows them all out of the water.

You play through the games as Michael Becket, a member of Delta Force in charge of taking Genevieve Aristide one of Armacham Technology Chairmen (woman in this case) into custody. but everything goes wrong. right after you take her into custody, the Armacham facility explodes (which happens to be the end of the first FEAR game). you wake up in a hospital room, and while trying to find your other squad members you are attacked. now i could keep going and give a step by step storyline through the plot of the game, but i don't want to ruin it for you. Oh and do you remember Alma Wade, that creepy litle girl from the First FEAR game? well shes back, and shes pissed off even worse this time.

Now there isnt much to complain about with this game, but i did have some minor grievances, and one major pet peve. one thing i both liked and disliked was a change-up in the weaponry. None of the weapons are exactly the same, though most are similar. you can no longer have double pistols which was so much fun in the first game, and which also makes keeping the pistol in this one, relatively pointless. one weapon that made me a little angry was the "energy weapon" in FEAR 1, the weapon shot a uber fast beam that blasted your enemies to shreads. the new one... a slow moving ball of blue energy... which i have to say was dissapointing. on the other hand though, there are alot of new weapons in the game as well such as the flame thrower and automatic shotgun.
Grenades are very easy to use. no you can actually "cook" your grenades before throwing them, so as to not give you enemies time to run away before the grenade explodes. its a very usefull but takes a little practice to get the timing right, and just be careful not to hold it for to long, it will explode in your hand, and you will die (which can be very frusterating)
one last thing about the weapons, a very cool addition is the new weapons select menu. simply hold down the center mouse button (on the PC version, im not sure what button it is on X-Box) and your weapons and grenades pop up and you can quickle select which one you want to use. the one thing that really dissapointed me was in the first game, you could lean around corners to help stay behind cover, and they took out that feature for this one. its not that big of a deal, but like i said, it was one of the first things i noticed.

visually, this is one of the most detailed and beautiful games iv seen. all of the scenery looks real, it feels real because its actually set up like real places would be. in alot of FPS games, you wont find rooms that are completely pointless that have nothing in them, but not in FEAR 2. you can go into bathrooms, and there will be nothing but a dead body in one of the stalls. no ammo, no weapons, nothing of use... just a room thats there, because if it were a real building, that bathroom would be there. there are things like handicap sidewalk ramps fro wheelchairs, and offices with just a computer. its a realistic world that your playing the game in, which makes the fantastic parts of the game seem so much more real.

so i left out a few surprises and spoilers, dont want to ruin it for ya. but here are my over all ratings for the game. unfortunately at the end of the day, with an amazing finishing sequence, i feel the game ends at its end, and there isnt much need to replay through it. sure there are some achivements you may not have earned, but its not that important.
gameplay- 10/10
graphics- 9/10
sound- 9/10
replay value- 6/10

overall- 9/10
one last thing, i havent played online yet, so i could not put any part of that in my review.

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The first one was so coool, it scared me at some parts, now you say this one is just as good, that's awesome.  I know you're just one person, but a trusted friend, I shall check it out, thanks

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deathgate you should submit this as a review. Game reviews are also accepted smile

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woah, i didnt know i could submit game reviews. noone told me this.

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Yeah, just do it like a movie review and for the title put "F.E.A.R. 2 Game Review"   

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