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This week is a nice mix of flicks that you want to avoid, those you need to buy and others that true fans will definetly need to check out. The Grudge 2 hits today and I would have to say to avoid that one. If you were not a fan of the first the sequ...

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There was no review up for The Raven.  Has anyone here seen it?

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The only one I want is PELTS.

and for the Raven skidog, I haven't seen it but press says its from some hack named Ulli Lommiel (sp) who did Zombie Nation and a bunch of other bottom of the barrel stuff.  And outside of the name and character named Lenore, it apparently has nothing to do with Poe's story.

Here's a blurb about it from Bloody-Disguting's own DVD Tuesday update:

As a child, Lenore was haunted by visions of terror and read only the poems and stories of Poe. Now, as the lead singer in an L.A. band, Lenore is victimized by a supernatural killer who murders her friends and colleagues before he turns his evil sights on her. The ghost of Poe visits Lenore in her dreams and offers her a way to escape from the killer.

That’s right sports fans; it’s time for another Ulli Lommel film. I’m sure this one is better than his last 60, so I’m tempted to make it my pick of the week. Then I realized that would be almost as cruel as watching it.

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Thanks for the info simatar.