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Rob Zombie is currently shooting the sequel to his remake of John Carpenter's classic slasher Hallowe'en on location in Georgia, but took some time to talk with IGN about the movie, his ideas and how he got involved in the first place! 
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Re: Rob Zombie discusses H2

I dunno. This quote disturbs me:

"And now it didn't matter. This movie is 100 percent whatever I want to do. And we never discussed Halloween or Michael Myers or anything. In fact, every time we do something we go, 'This doesn't seem [like Halloween].'"

You're making "Halloween 2" and you DIDN'T discuss Halloween or Michael Myers? What?

I anxiously anticpated his "Halloween" and was disappointed. Now, I am not excited about "H2" at all.:(

Re: Rob Zombie discusses H2

I was excited for the frist film. After seeing it I had mixed feeligns but grew to really like it. I REALLY hope he doesn't fuck this up! I keep hearing information that mkaes me groan then I hera and see soem realyl cool stuff then I hear more shit that pisses me off.
I agree...: 'This doesn't seem [like Halloween].'
That line...really really bugs me. All I can say is...FUCK YOU ROB.
Let's hope I can take what I said back when the movie comes out. I like his other films I'm sure I will like this one, but I'm not so sure anymore...there is just too much contrasting information for me.

Re: Rob Zombie discusses H2

I loved  Zombies Halloween remake and I hope I will love this one, but to be honest, it isn't sounding to good at this point.

"I'm not really interested in making movies about characters that are clean, nice people living in a clean, nice world. I just don't find that interesting. And that's what the second half of that movie was, where it was sort of John Carpenter-ish Land. I don't have any of that in this movie." 

So in other words, were just going to see a bunch of white trash people having sex and saying fuck alot. mad

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Anyone else get concerned early on when he said "This doesnt seem like Halloween" and "We can do whatever we want".   Ugh, that doesnt sound good if you ask me.

Re: Rob Zombie discusses H2

Whether you agree with this or not, it is precisly the point of the fanchise "reimmaging".  RZ is not in the remake biz, hence the title change.  Halloween 2 has already been done and is a great movie.  I myself still look forward to see this movie and going in with no preconsecptions (based on H2) will make that easier.