Topic: Mary Harron to direct "The Moth Diaries"

From STYD:
Mary Harron, who tackled the controversial novel American Psycho in 2000, is up to adapt author Rachel Klein's debut novel "The Moth Diaries."

Published in 2002, Klein's story is set against the backdrop of a girls' boarding school where a 16-year-old named Lucy suspects her roommate is a vampire. But, through this tale, there is a growing question of what is reality and what is merely stemming from Lucy's warped fantasies?

Karen Walton (Ginger Snaps) reportedly drafted an adaptation, but it's unknown if she's still on board. If she is, this could be a film to keep an eye out for. A Walton/Harron pairing is intriguing.

Since Psycho, Harron has directed The Notorious Bettie Page and episodes of The L Word and Fear Itself.