Topic: Where The Wild Things Are

As a horror fan, one of my earliest thrills was the book "Where the Wild Things Are".  I wished I could go where Max went, to party with the monsters, and join the "wild rumpus"

I just found out today (forgive me if I'm behind the times) that there's a movie being made, watched the trailer, and got a chill, it looks as close to perfect as could be for me (no stop-motion or Toy-Story animation)...

If anyone's interested, here's a link:

Can't wait.  Let the Wild Rumpus start!

Re: Where The Wild Things Are

I freaking loved this book as a kid LOL. Used to look at the pictures and draw my own interpretations - good times. This looks way cool. Not normally big on fantasies but I will have to check this out. smile

Re: Where The Wild Things Are

Trailer looked pretty cool, but I was expecting the kid to be younger.
Definitely be checking it out tho.