Topic: Final Destination comics

Final Destintion comics are still being put out by Zenescope(.com).  A graphic novel of all 5 comics is due out before June according to Mike Kalvoda, the author of the comics.  Him and i have been exchanging e-mails for quite a while and has given me some info on what has been changed from the original script.  Apparently, since the comics are Very behind on production because of a slacker artist, the story has to be tweaked in order to finish them.  Final Destination: Spring Break #4 is due out shortly (though no release date has been officially set yet).  1-3 are a bit difficult to find.  3 should still be at your local Comic retailer, but 1 and 2 are not ordered that often because popularity is low...very few people know about the comics.  So, you can go to and order them yourselves if you like.  Well, happy comic hunting