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Okay so I'm pissed off. How dare they ruin a perfect good movie dammit!

Russell Brand will star in a remake of the anarchic 1991 comedy Drop Dead Fred, he has confirmed via a post on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The 33-year-old also revealed he had landed a role in a remake of Arthur, the Oscar-winning Dudley Moore comedy.

His Twitter posting said: "Drop Dead Fred - true. Arthur - true, Kinky Bible - a film I will never make."

Phoebe Cates starred in the original Drop Dead Fred film along with Rik Mayall who played her imaginary friend.

Commercially unsuccessful

Cates played a wallflower who lost her job and husband during the course of a single lunch hour.

After returning to her mother's home, she was reunited with her imaginary childhood companion, who promised to help her, but caused nothing but trouble along the way.

The movie was commercially unsuccessful, taking $13.9m (£9.4m) in the US, but has achieved a cult status amongst fans.

Dennis McNicholas, who wrote the upcoming Will Ferrell comedy Land of the Lost, will write the remake.

Brand, who left BBC Radio 2 last year after broadcasting inappropriate content on his show, has already played supporting roles in several Hollywood films.

He made his big screen debut as rock star Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a role he is due to reprise in the Judd Apatow-produced Get Him to the Greek.


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sad I loved Drop Dead Fred, a guilty pleasure of mine, Mayall was made for the role.

To remake it is a joke but to put Brand as Fred, I think I'm gonna cry sad

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There is a store in my area called Drop Dead Fred i thought that this tread was about that lol.

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I love that movie.  I'm not happy about the remake.

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:mad:I do not remember what its about. But it has to be better than Freddy Got Fingered LOL

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I thought this was a pretty good movie too. Rik Mayall is hysterical in it, I remember him from the old BBC show Black Adder as well. Phoebe Cates is great in this movie too, it's a shame she isn't acting anymore because I thought she was really under appreciated as an actress.

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this was classic nonsense and, unsurprisingly, I'm totally against a remake -
but what'cha gonna do?

If they ever touch The Young Ones, I'll hunt them down and kill them tongue

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but it needs to be stopped!!!!