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Well I finally watched Eden Lake which I bought on dvd a few weeks and loved this flick. This film was 1000 times better than Them(aka iLLs).

I felt sorry for the couple in it like I did for the film The Strangers and Funny Games remake.

Eden Lake stars the sexy red head Kelly Reilly(from Pride and Prejudice) and actor Michael Fassbender(from 300) as a couple who on a romantic weekend getaway who encounter a young group of thugs. These punk kids in it would have gotten their asses beaten in real life if they did that shit to me I know that for certain lol.

*********ATTENTION SPOILERS*******

The couple are terrorized and beaten and tortured in many ways. She fights back though til the end.

I didn't like the fact that the parents at the end killed her instead of helping her. So what if she killed some of those punk kids. They deserved it and she was just fighting back and trying to survive.

I know, I's just a's just a movie......

BUT, if I was in the woods or a lake with the woman I loved, I certainly would have carried a pistol or 2 with me and hid one in the car where nobody else would find it and keep the other gun on me at all times or at least have my 8" knive with brass knuckles on the end of it with me at all times even while swimming lol.

The couple should have gathered some weapons together....anything could have been used like a large think piece of wood or something from their handbag that was left. Even a broken beer bottle would have helped them out.

Anyway, enough of my rant lol about the thugs cause it is only a movie lol.....

And a good movie at that.

I give this film a 8 out of 10 rating.

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I liked the ending of Eden Lake a lot RIP. It's nice to see a movie that doesn't give a polished, lovely ending but gives a rather stark, creepy ending where chills are still running down your back when the credits start. It is a good film, agree completely and the different take I think stopped it from being a typical film but something with a damn sight more depth to it.

LOL just my point of view! smile

Edit// The Ending was particular cruel yes, left you guessing. Why didn't they help? I think it came down to twisted loyalty to family. I mean those kids cruel games had to stem from somewhere. The scene of the father knocking about his kid as the woman who has endured everything watched was a pretty much hint into family morality and the way they view how respect works. She gained there sympathy to a point but when family was brought into the mix, the values were placed above her. They don't want the truth revealed and she presents a danger which is why they did whatever they did off screen. Cruel, twisted but ultimately their idea of what family rules represents.

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I really like this movie, the first time I saw it I really didn't care for it, but after watching it again I loved it. And I agree with RIP, it's alot better than Them.

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This is not  Foreign movie!
This movie made in England and i am live in England and i am noT Foeigh
This will be like me posting all American movies in this sections

I Need give this another watch, i remeber watcing it but there something was bothering me
but can't not remember what it was! neutral

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I agree, the film was much better than the over-hyper 'them' and was a standout release last year.

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Just watched it the other day, I was gonna write a review for it but that never happened. I really liked the film, and it was one of the few in recent memory that actually shocked me. (It surprised the hell out of me when they set that little Indian-looking kid on fire for no reason) I liked the ending as well, even though I wanted the girl to survive, I think the ending worked a lot better than a happy ending in this case.

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Wonder Woman was a comic, not a real person. You wouldn't know that in Hollywood, that's one of the many reasons the international film industry is gaining on it.

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fredgarvin wrote:

Wonder Woman was a comic, not a real person. You wouldn't know that in Hollywood, that's one of the many reasons the international film industry is gaining on it.

Shit, I would bang Linda Carter and her DD's in a second!!!!:P:lol:

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I thought it was a disappointment.  Unlike previous posts, I think Them/Ils is a million times better.  I had no sympathy for the characters in Eden Lake at all, because they were too fake.  Also, as I mentioned in my review, in reality they would have left as soon as the chavs showed up because they're British and would be well aware of what cider-riddled teenagers are capable of, so they deserved everything they got.  The ending is also one of my most hated 'horror film cliches', which didn't do it any favours either.  Each to their own though.  smile

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Again this is not a foreign film to me but i really liked Eden Lake, i though it was real tense, the ending was good but was just following the trend of the bad guy wins like Funny Games & The Strangers. I don't have a problem with that, i'm just saying.