Topic: Writing & Reading: Why do we love it so?

I thought a change of pace was in order.

So whilst browsing through, I decided to have a gander among the Horror Literature section and a question popped in my mind.

We all love Books (well most of us tongue), we love to read them, write them and become immersed in them. This same question that struck me could apply to the horror movies as well but I thought as a stand off point, the Literature aspect would be a more interesting thread.

( P.S. I wonder if I am the only one thinking that a thread to small excerpts of horror novels we have done would be a good idea, constructive criticism allowed of course, what d'ya all think?)

Anyway back to the question in hand. What makes writing and reading so accessible to us? I'm not talking the simple answers like it's a break from reality but more deeply posed.

What from all of you, makes reading so pleasurable? And what, aimed to you all, makes writing such an enjoyable experience?

Thanks Y'all!

BTK. ~ x ~

Re: Writing & Reading: Why do we love it so?

I am a published writer with a (hopeful) future ahead.  Writing and reading are one word above anything else, Escape. 

When I go to read a book it's to take me out of this world and put me in a story.  Just like watching a movie, a book has the ability to paint an entire universe. 

Writing is what is dear to my heart.  I have THE MOST MESSED UP DREAMS in the world, and writing is what makes me remember them and create some very crazy ass stories. 
To take my ideas and put them on paper and share with everyone is one of my great joys