Topic: Zombies of the Revolution - musical

Hi guys & gals!

Are you fans of Shaun of the Dead and zombies in general?

Well, we, Jim Moran O'Griston, along with Shaun of the Dead's Zombie Twins (Kevin & Nicholas Wilson) have written a comedy-horror musical stuffed full of the undead, containing seventeen tunes that wil have putrifying toes tapping.

With living psychotics, whacked-out hippies and dead and/or catatonic real-estate agents, there's something for everyone!

We hope to have our show running in London toward the end of this year and with a little North American producers will also get wise and pick it up.

We have teasers posted on youtube at the moment  and next month we will reveal 30 second song-only clips!  But for now, be sure to check out our channel...

We can't post a link yet, but be sure to search youtube for "Zombies of the Revolution".

Cheers! smile