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this movie looks really good september 11th was a hard day for all of us and i think its bout time to tell some stories about 9/11 and united 93 was a good start i hope this one is just as good so share some thoughts bout it vist the site to

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to me its to early for these kind of movies, and I am not American. Its just to soon and to sensitive a topic for me.

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Don't mind Meh, hes just a soft Canadian.. Honestly I think its time.. I mean people will never heal from tragedies.. People still complain when they make movies about the Holocaust and that happened over 50 years ago..

Granted it was a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to everyone who died and their families but stories like these need to be told to keep it fresh in peoples minds.. We should never forget what happened to those people and their families..

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i agree with u goon it happened 5 years ago but still its bout time hollywood did sumthing about it i was always fasinated with 9/11 from the day it happened to now

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The problem I see with all these types of more often than not emotion takes over from fact too easily.

The WTC incident is a part of pop-culture now, like Goon said, alongside the Holocaust, sensitive and upsetting subjects, open to interpretation and fodder for documentary makers. But when films go into patriotic/upsetting mode, most stuff gets thrown to the side to be replaced with a repeated story.

I think the film isn't too close to the events taste wise, it's just too close to make these films completely unbiased.

Damn that sounds cold, but eh...lizards.

EDIT: Oh, especially with tossers like Michael Moore playing the fool and changing facts for his own perverse uses. Read his books, seen his films, can see through him like an opaque silhouette. He's like a Goebells for the 21st century.