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So people what little collectables do you have in your homes?

Me I have:

House of 1000 Corpses
The Professor

I have a spawn doll
The Headless Horseman and his horse
Rob Zombie
TCM(The Begining) Leatherface
The Lord of Darkness (Legend)
I have a bunch of Living Dead Dolls
I have a Dracula 2000

my posters:
Scarface 11 of them
I have a TDR blanket
Rob Zombie
Sleepy Hallow

later when I get home I'm gonna take some picture's of things I have and it'd be kool if you guys wanna to post some of the stuff you guys have.

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Zombi 2
Cannibal Holocaust
Bloodsucking Freaks
Dawn of the Dead (1978)
The Evil Dead
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


House of Horrors
Street Trash

My book collection is ALL horror and filmmaking.  My DVD collection is MOSTLY horror.  I have a few issues of Rue-Morgue.  I have a subscription to Fangoria (Sorry Goon).  I have a few Hack / Slash comics.  That's about it.

(I also have a signed Homer Simpson drawing by Matt Groening.  Not horror, I know, but still pretty cool.)

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At last count, I have over 800 DVD's (I would say a third of them horror bases).

I used to collect action figures and have the first few series of the Movie Maniacs as well as a number of Spawn and LOTR figures (they are out of their boxes and displayed on shelves near my DVD's.  I thought I was over getting action figures but you bastards started talking about them and now I want more!

My book collection is all film related and get Rue Morgue monthly.  I tried to get into Fangoria but it didn't stick - maybe it was just a bad issue that seemed very superficial compared to Rue Morgue.

As for posters, I don't have very many yet but hope to correct this in the near future.  I love the Pan's Labarynth I received from this site!

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A Hannibal Penis

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100+ DVDs

Cannibal Holocaust T-shirt

Zombi 2 Poster and Cannibal Holocaust Poster

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Recently I bought a Batman folding money clip in satin black.

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Shakingman wrote:

A Hannibal Penis

rofl not sure how many folks got this inside joke, but i did!

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ooh I got it lol..;)

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I own around 200 DVDs, I got the super rare Quentin Tarantino as a House of Blue Leaves guy.. Leatherface and Ash in the Movie Maniacs line, I have one of the figures from the Clive Barker Twisted Souls line? I can't remember the exact name off the top of my head..

I got The Goon variant figure, a giant Mr. Blonde figure. I've got a bunch of Deadpool statues, a Daredevil bust, Franky bust, The Goon bust, and two different Deadpool busts..

I haven't really bought any figures in a long time.. But I have a feeling that when the new Grindhouse figures come out I may just have too..

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Good stuff.

Trust me, I got that inside joke.