Topic: Need movies on site to review

I would like to do full reviews for 'The Hillside Cannibals' so y'all dont' have to suffer from  this eye gouging movie and for 'Grey Knight', a supernatural US Civil War movie from the early '90s.  And 'Santa's Slay'...a very twisted film.

Re: Need movies on site to review

Well Santas Slay is already on the site.. Don't use punctuation when you look up a movie.. I just added Grey Knight and Hillside Cannibals for you.. Don't say I never did anything for you!

Santas Slay

Hillside Cannibals

Grey Knight

Re: Need movies on site to review

Thank you Goon.  I will try to have up a Hillside review tonight or tomorrow and will try to write one for Grey Knight this weekend.