Topic: Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - S.E.

This game is freakin' awesome. Now, I am a bit of a DMC 3 veteran. I bought the first release when it initially came out two years ago, but as GOW II approaches I thought I'd revisit the Special Edition which I bought last summer.

First off, the game wisely tones down the difficulty of the original release. The first was just way too tough for casual fans. The special edition, while notable for including Virgil as a playable character, nicely gives players an advantage by toning down the super fast, super tough gameplay. It still makes you sweat, but if you beat the  first Devil May Cry, then you should have no problem getting through. Also, the crappy continue system of the first has been replaced by a much more logical one.

What I love about DMC 3 is how you have to be on the right mindset or you'll be slaughtered like a stuffed pig. The gameplay is faster than XBOX's infamous Ninja Gaiden and the numerous weapons are just too cool. Sawed-off shotgun, ice-powered nunchucks, dual swords, electric guitar, bazooka, etc. I also think the ability to customize Dante's fighting ability is a great addition. I usually pick the "Trickster" style since it really helps keep space between enemies. However, "Swordmaster" and "Gunslinger" are much flashier.

Anyway, as the countdown to Krato's second adventure continues to shorten, I'll be kicking some major demon ass until GOW II finally arrives.

P.S. If you loved Resident Evil 4 or GOW, then get this game!! It's the most hardcore ass-kicking game on the PS2!!

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