Topic: E3: Nier Trailer

Continuing with the coverage we have on horror related video games from this years E3 comes a title that I am not quite sure what category it falls into.  Is it horror, is it roleplaying, is it action, is it all the above?  Personally I thi...

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Re: E3: Nier Trailer

Graphics aren't really impressive from that clip.. but the concept sounds decent.

Re: E3: Nier Trailer

I am reserving judgement until I actually see in game footage, not a pre-rendered mini movie.. Sometimes the trailers are just so amazing and then you play the game and your like, fuuhck, this sucks.

I have my eys on the Wii for once with "Cursed Mountain" and "RE1Wii"  being released in 2 weeks.

Even though I have played though Resident Evil countless times, I'm sure that I'll have just as much fun this go around... it's THAT good.