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A couple weeks ago I finally picked up a copy of Dead Space and threw it in my Xbox 360 for a spin. The game was really fantastic and one of the best original horror video games I have seen in a long time. Back in early June we showed you some early ...

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looks like it might be a good time.. probably more so with a buddy than solo though.

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Dead Space was one of the best horror games I have ever played...period...however I am not a huge fan of the Wii system so I am dissapointed that I will miss out on this chapter of the story...bummer

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I agree with Aidan. Best Horror Game Ever.
Dead Space is up there as my favourite game of all time, and my favourite franchise.

I think Extraction is going to be another fantastic chapter in the Dead Space encyclopedia of awesome. That it's on the Wii is another great step, as they're actually including Wii owners in the Dead Space experience.

At first I kind of balked at the whole Rail Shooter aspect. Having seen gameplay footage, though, and having followed different interviews with the Producer, Steve Papoutsis (sp?), I think it's going to feel really immersive. An interactive movie, for lack of a better term.
Extraction looks like more than your standard Rail shooter. They're calling it a Guided First Person Experience, after all.

The graphics look great, especially given the hardware limitations of the Wii.
I can't wait to take this game out for a test drive (I've got my pre-order all lined up).
Plus, they're doing a one-shot comic for it (with the same team that did the original 6 parter).

Now I just need to wait for the end of the month to get my hands on all three variants of the Isaac Clarke action figure.