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Hey I was just wondering if anyone has been to this site:  because I signed up recently to write my own fan fiction.  That is one reason that I haven't been around here to much.  The fic that I posted is a cross between South Park and Saw.  If you have an account, please read and review otherwise I would like to hear what you think of it if you do read it.  Here is the specific link:     

I know I sound like I am advertising, but after over 400 hits to the story and only two members reviewing, I am anxious for other opinions.  so I thought I would come to you guys, after all, a fan fic with obvious Saw elements should interest someone.

Also if you decide to read the story, please don't read the comments until after you read the story, one of the reviewers gives away parts of the story that might ruin it.
Thanks a bunch.

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alls i ahve to say is it was amazing...i read the whole thing through and it definetly had the south park fel along with Saw...keep up the good work

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Thanks for the review KillianDarkwater.  I appreciate every one that I get, positive or negative.  For anyone else considering, I have changed the reviewing limits so even if you are not a member, you may still leave a comment right on the site.  Just click the corresponding link at the bottom of the page.  Thanks again.

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I am just posting this for those who are interested.  I am currently working on a sequel to Live Or Die and the first chapter is up.  Here is the website:

The title is, "The South Park Chainsaw Massacre."  Don't get high hopes for anything because I don't know how this is going to turn out exactly.  For those who haven't read my first fan fic, it would be wise to read Live Or Die before reading this one otherwise you might not understand what is going on.  Please try to review when reading both stories. 
Again, I don't mean to advertise but this is a horror forum and I thought you guys would be the perfect ones to tell this to.  Anyways, please enjoy.

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