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Any thoughts on this one? The fact that it's a sequel and not a remake is somewhat shocking itself. lol  I'm a sucker for a good slasher though and it looks like this one will be heavy on the gore.

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"Sleepaway Camp" wasnt my favorite movie.  The acting was almost funny it was so bad.  The killings were done off screen.  The ending though redeems itself almost entirely.  The twist at the end still is a good shocker and worth the rent.  I read somewhere, probrably here, that its going to be very gory and people are going to die in any way possible which amped me up.  Hope they pull it off, not to far to go from the original but still hope its good.  And i'm def gonna check it out.

Im with you Nosferatu I'm a sucker a slashers and gore as well.

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Yea I'm hoping this one pans out.. It has been in the works for years now and its finally being finished up.. I was beginning to think we would never see it. I liked the original.. Although I wish there was more bloody deaths like TiM said the ending really redeemed the whole movie..