Topic: Need a Favour!!!

Can someone/anyone pick me up the Dark Tower #2 "Variant Cover" and mail it to me and I will reimburse them ++++ offer a favour fee!

All the stores around me sold out of it and I must have it.

Please let me know if you are willing to do this for me?

The Variant Cover has the Gunslinger looking towards an empty horizon with an image of the Dark Tower in front of him!

Please Please Please.
Will someone do this for me!


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Re: Need a Favour!!!

I wouldn't mind doing it, but I live in a small town and all the stores are miles away from me,

I get all my stuff from Ebay but just in case I thought I would pass this link to you, only bad thing about it you have to wait 6 days but its factory sealed. … dZViewItem

Re: Need a Favour!!!

I can't use eBay. I dont have an account nor do I wish to get one. But thanks warrior.
Anyone else?

Re: Need a Favour!!!

And I dont care how long it takes to get - I just NEED/WANT to get it!

Re: Need a Favour!!!

I figure I bump this maybe members haven't seen it although getting a Ebay is simple. but just watch out for snip bidders.:)

Re: Need a Favour!!!

Managed a copy so thanks anyway!

Re: Need a Favour!!!

glad you made the score.

They always say the best part of the hunt is the "kill" smile


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