Topic: The Ring 3 (2011) in 3D?

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A Ring in 3D sounds fun

The last time we heard any talk about a new "The Ring" installment is back in January of 2007, when producer Roy Lee revealed that the plan is to hold off from making another movie for a few years and then return to the franchise "with a new fresh story."

It is now almost three years since he has said that and today comes word that talks regarding "The Ring 3" have started, mostly because producers realized that developing a new movie in 3-D could mean big numbers at the box office.

From worst preview

Plot  Set 30 years before the original, The Ring Three sees a young Samara Morgan cast away to a psychotic unit, thrust away from normality. Mentally unstable and in-animate, Samra vows to get revenge on her tormentors before she is tragically killed and dispersed down a well, however, unbeknown to her twisted parents and local pretty-girl Mary-Elizabeth Winstead, a curse is about to be born, a curse which will later claim many lives, as the vengeful spirit of Samara is born

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if anyhting. I prequel would work better than a part 3..   they obviously would need to recast another girl as Samara... but 3-D ??  I say no to 3-D