Topic: Inside and Vinyan on DVD in the UK!

At long last!

Vinyan will be available Oct. 5th, while Inside will be available Oct. 12th! I've not seen Vinyan but have been dying to, but I have seen Inside, in it's cut form. I'm really, really hoping that the UK release will be the full cut!

My collection of French horror will be very pleased, lol. I highly recommend checking out Inside if you haven't seen's so not for the faint-hearted! big_smile

Re: Inside and Vinyan on DVD in the UK!

I've seen the full cut and have it on DVD (thanks to a friend) and I am a UK gal smile so I'd agreed with getting Inside. Like you said Stoney not a easy movie but dammit intriguing and the acting really took me by surprise. What also got me was the ending, it was unnerving and actually gave rise to goosebumps, that was one hell of a film.

Re: The Full cut is definitely worth owning smile

Re: Inside and Vinyan on DVD in the UK!

Gah, that's just it...I saw the cut version (again, via a friend, hee), and the ending was completely butchered (heh). I had to go online to figure out what happened, because they cut out *that* bit! sad I'll definitely be buying this disc in the hope that it's the full version!