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My most anticipated movie of the year Grindhouse must have aired a 30 minute making of feature on the FX Channel. I'm not sure when this occured and how the hell I missed it but lucky for us uploaded the video online for everyone to ...

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I actually ended up watching the Making of Grindhouse last night and all i have to say is OH MY GOD! This movie is going to rock so hard. It was very interesting on how they made everything and prepared all the cast for each part and especially picking the right roles for each actor and actress. All of the muscle cars are especially awesome as hell. But after watching this Making of special wants me to see this even more. Oh and they even showed some of the trailers that they are going to show before Grindhouse. Which they will be mock horror trailers like they had back in the Grindhouse days. If you haven't seen the making of Grindhouse yet, i highly recommend it and they breakdown each movie. I am so god damn ready to see this movie when it comes out.

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I know some peeps have retrictions on downloading so here is the youtube version for those.