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Okay, by no means is this a 'mainstream' film, haha, but I don't think it'll really fit 'horror' either...!

Anyway, I'm going to watch Gaspar Noe's new film Enter the Void tomorrow at the London Film Festival and I'm so excited! The film's meant to be a complete head-trip, so I'm really looking forward to some insane visuals, as I'd always expect from Mr. Noe! He's also giving a masterclass which I can't wait to attend! I'm then away away with friends, but I'll definitely post my thoughts on the film when I'm back on Sunday!

Anyone else excited for Enter the Void/seen it already?!

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I'm hoping to see it, the reviews have been very mixed , much like The Antichrist. I did see that Noe pared it down by about 1/2 hour since the Cannes festival.

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Never heard of it, but I'll for sure check it out

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I'm seeing Antichrist on Sunday - a weekend of extreme cinema, bliss!