Topic: Seeding - a short story

Look out, it's Chrizzy's first topic! wink

Every year, I write a short story for Hallowe'en. This year's, called The Burden of Greywood, is about a third done, and, of course, the plan is to have it finished within the next two weeks.
The first one I wrote was All Hallow's Eve, and it was only a couple pages. And last year's was Seeding. I'm not a big fan of All Hallow's Eve, though it does have its redeeming qualities, but I'm much more fond of Seeding, and I trust your guys' opinions on all things horror, which is why I want to post it here.

It's 6 pages, which is kinda long-ish for a post, so I have the link to it on Scribd. If anyone wants me to post it here, though, I will.

Here's the link...
I'm always looking for ways to improve, so constructive criticism - or any comments, really - would be awesome...and thanks in advance for taking the time to read my little brainchild smile