Topic: Deadlands 2 HD DVD Art

We were just sent the HD DVD art for Deadlands 2 which you can checkout below. Deadlands 2 hits DVD October 27th 2009 from Anthem Pictures and features a host of goodies on the DVD including:

2.35:1 Anamorphic (UNRATED) version of the film

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Re: Deadlands 2 HD DVD Art

I digs the cover art.

Re: Deadlands 2 HD DVD Art

It's not a big deal to me because I have both bluray and HDDVD, but why are they releasing this on HDDVD and not bluray? Am I missing something?

Personally I enjoyed my HDDVD's better than my Bluray disks, the interface was better and
.back when they came out so was the sound. I still find it weird they would put this out.