Topic: Abertoir, Wales' National Horror Festival

Hey guys! Thought I'd let you know about an awesome festival that's coming up in less than two weeks in the UK!

Abertoir is an annual festival dedicated to showing the best horror movies, old and new, as well as some fab special events. Now in its fourth year this little festival has grown from humble beginnings to become a respected and exciting genre festival.  Some of this year's highlights include:

- a masterclass in low-budget filmmaking by the godfather of gore himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis! We'll also be hosting the European premiere of his latest film, The Uh-Oh! Show.

- Doug Bradley will be giving a talk on the history of horror make-up, as well as presenting the latest in his 'Spinechillers' series. We'll also be showing Doug's latest film, Umbrage.

- Gavid Baddeley, a reverend in the Church of Satan, will be giving a talk on the history of werewolf hunting, which will take place after a screening of An American Werewolf in London (partly filmed in Wales!) and Beware the Moon

- We're showing over 20 films, but some highlights include The Descent 2, La Horde, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, The Keep, The Tingler and Nosferatu with live piano accompaniment...

Full info is available on the website or you can take a peek at the festival brochure here: … ayout=grey

A festival pass costs only £40 - that's for over 20 films, two masterclasses, three theatre events and live music! It's a festival you won't want to miss out on! big_smile The festival runs from 4th-8th November in Aberystwyth, mid-Wales. It'd be great to see some of you there!